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With 43 songs confirmed for Eurovision 2017, we thought it was time for a brief look back at the national final season that was. The road to Kyiv started in late 2016, with the likes of Spain’s Eurocasting online selection and Albania’s Festivali i Kenges keeping us entertained ahead of the holidays. All the way through Melfest and more, we were on the edge of our seats.

So what better way to celebrate some of the artists and songs that gave us so much than to put them to our panel once more!

Over the next six days, we’ll be covering the top 30 songs of the national final season, as voted for by our wiwibloggers. Fourteen different countries feature on our list this year, including a country that has never previously been in one of our top lists!

And of course, these are just our favourite songs that didn’t make it. We’re not saying they should have made it through — just that we enjoyed them!

30. “Himmel och Hav” — Roger Pontare (Sweden)

Click here to watch NF Performance

The mighty Roger Pontare returned to Melodifestivalen for the first time in a decade with “Himmel och Hav”. In a new era of Melfest, Roger’s traditional sounds failed to translate well enough to those using the voting app. Whilst he clearly still has his fans, he just missed out on a spot in Andra Chansen to Dismissed. The good news is, he doesn’t miss out on our list here!

29. “Escape” — Crime Sea (Latvia)

Latvia’s Supernova 2017 seemed awash with songs that aimed to solely be “Spotify friendly”. With a change in the voting, it meant that some of the quirkier entries we’ve seen before didn’t go too far. That was certainly the case for Crime Sea, sporting former Supernova finalist MNTHA as their vocalist. “Escape” crashed out in the first heat, but we certainly hope they’re back for more next year.

Wiwi Jury: “‘Escape’ is totally fresh and defies the usual Eurovision standard key-change mentality. I like that the song remains almost uniform the whole way through, and I think that electronica is a genre that needs more representation at the contest.” (Jason)

28. “Deak” — Spoon 21 (Hungary)

The band formerly known as Spoon grew up to Spoon 21 this year, returning to A Dal after last competing in 2015. The boy band once again struggled to win over the judges. They made it through to the semi-finals, but ultimately went out on the public vote. With plenty of charm though, “Deak” signified major improvement from the group.

Wiwi Jury: “Hungarian-language pop with modern production and performers who are very easy on the eyes, this has international charm written all over it. The staging is Eurovision ready and the guys sufficiently pumped and eager.” (William)

27. “Road Trip” — De Vet Du (Sweden)

Click here to watch NF performance

Whether it was the song or just DJ Hunk, De Vet Du brought some real fun to this year’s Melodifestivalen. Regardless of whether it reached the heights of Sean Banan or Samir & Victor, this year was all about the DVD boys. Their run saw them make it all the way to Andra Chansen, where FO&O finally put the brakes on the trip — for now, anyway.

Wiwi Jury: “This is everything my friends are talking about when they say they love Eurovision: silly visuals, fun production and an intense feeling of happiness. I was a nervous wreck when I heard how epic the bass drop was, and by the time the key change came I had almost collapsed.” (Edd)

26. “No Enemy” — Brequette (Spain)

The first Eurodrama from Spain of the season and by no means the last, Brequette’s “No Enemy” went in to the Eurocasting process as a clear favourite. Written by Spain’s 2016 act Barei — and with former NF runner-up Brequette on vocals — this seemed like a surefire hit. But judges ultimately didn’t even send it to the Eurocasting final, causing outcry amongst fans. How little they knew what was to come…

What do you think about the five songs that are starting our list this year? Are any of them your favourites? Shout out all your thoughts on the wiwibloggs app, or in the comments section below!

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I love the monkey

“GUERRERA”deja de decir mentiras, en Objetivo Eurovision hay corrupción, en España no existe rracismo, preguntarte si lo hay en tu país.Te aseguro que si …


Spain definitely deserves 26th this year….
Brequette would be certain top 10.


Brequette Eurovision 2017 winner!


‘No Enemy’ is one of the few Spanish songs I really like in the last years. Brequette should have gone to Objetivo Eurovision at least…


it is obviously racism that brequette did not advance to the final in spain!


I’m ecstatic Himmel och Have was featured. Should’ve been at the MF final.


@ Piro

Who exactly made this “official”? Just being curious. 🙂


I absolutely LOVE Himmel och hav, No enemy, and Deák 🙂


I hope Loreen will win this! “Statements” was my favourite act in this Eurovision season.

(J)ESC Fanatic

Yaaay, I was thinking about this today! I didn’t like Crime Sea and De Vet Du, but the rest were good.


I more or less like all those songs. The performance of the MF rap song was cheesy and OTT. But what matters is of course the song itself – it was nice!

Álex, from Spain

YESSSSS De vet du!!


I didn’t really like Brequette.
Roger Pontare and Spoon 21 had really goods songs!

I also want to see some of what @Daniel suggested: Mariette (slayed!), BQL from Slovenia and Ariadne (love her!). I also believe you’ll include Loreen.

Looking forward to the other songs of the list!


Brequette-No Enemy and Mirela-Contigo are so BAD.
Sorry Spain but you are officially the country with the worst taste.
You need 100% jury forever. Manel is the best.


Himmel och Hav deserved not only Andra Chansen! It deserved to go to the finals!
“No Enemy” would’ve been at least 6th in my Eurovision top. I really can’t understand how it didn’t even make it to the Eurocasting final.


I was rooting for Carmell from Poland. Her “Faces” was pure gold! No wonder she won the public vote in her country


This Top is really a great idea!! Not only we get to know the cool songs of different countries but great artists get promoted as well 🙂 HUGE LIKE!!!


I’ve been really attatched to NF Season this year!! Sad to see it’s over. There’s been a lot of weak NFs, but the ones that were good were REALLY good! (Looking at you Eesti Laul, EMA).

Really hope Olivia (UK), Ace (Sweden) Mariette (Sweden), BQL (Slovenia), Adrianne (Estonia), LeKlein (Spain) and of course my number one of the season, Kerli (Estonia) make it onto the list!!


Brequette should have won

Paul D.

Crime Sea – Escape was very good in the studio version, but live was very meh.
I still think Brequette should have gone to the Eurocasting final at least…


I don’t really like the Crime Sea song.The others are cool especially Spoon 21 and Roger Pontare.De vet Due were fun.


I was hoping for this list 🙂 Thanks 🙂 I will be doing my own soon. Thanks for including Road Trip and Himmer och Hav, I really love these songs.