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Nearly every year the countries that once made up Yugoslavia give us something to talk about — whether that’s a high-energy dance number, a soaring ballad or something totally crazy and outré. Well the sun is surely shining as this year they’re serving all of that and more. So we just have to ask: Which Ex-Yugoslav country has the best song at Eurovision 2017?

And yes: We’ve deliberately avoided the phrase “Balkan” since definitions vary, as our dear readers are always quick to point out!

Croatia: Jacques Houdek with “My Friend”

Croatia is riding a high after Nina Kraljic made the grand final in Stockholm. And they haven’t looked far for their 2017 contestant, handpicking Jacques Houdek — Nina’s coach on The Voice.

Jacques’ “My Friend” is a song of twos. The style? Torch song and operatic ballad. The language? Italian and English. The range? Super high and super low. The duo? Jacques and….Jacques. Yes, this is a duet for one.

Macedonia: Jana Burceska with “Dance Alone”

Macedonia doesn’t have a good track record at Eurovision. In fact, you might say that it’s pretty bad, as they haven’t made the final since 2012.

Well enter Jana Burceska, perhaps the biggest surprise of Eurovision 2017 who has brought one of the most contemporary, on-trend songs of the year. Mixing EDM, synth-pop and the 1980s with aplomb, her track “Dance Alone” is at once vibrant and moving: The video tells the poignant story of an old woman looking back on her past life and love. Even if she can’t move like she once did, she’ll still dance alone. And we’re dancing with her.

Montenegro: Slavko Kalezic with “Space”

It takes a bold performer to spend three minutes shirtless in his music video, while whipping a hair extension around and wearing leather pants. And Slavko Kalezic is nothing if not bold.

One of the most talked-about performers of the year, he pulls the discotheque firmly into 2017 with his wild number “Space” which is turning heads and making eyes pop. He promises big staging for Kyiv and we’ve no doubt he will deliver.

Serbia: Tijana Bogicevic with “In Too Deep”

Tijana Bogicevic sang at Eurovision 2011 as a backing vocalist. And now she returns to claim her spot centre stage with “In Too Deep”.

The song is a great slice of modern pop that works with electro-xylophone and plenty of drum ‘n bass. In the video we see her spinning in a hoop and serving face. Might she repeat the feat in Kyiv?

Slovenia: Omar Naber with “On My Way”

Slovenia sat out the final in 2016, but they’re hoping Eurovision 2005 veteran Omar Naber can take the country back to the Saturday night show.

He’ll try his best with the Broadway inspired number “On My Way”. Do you think his way is to the final or to the airport for an early flight home from Kyiv?

Those are the songs and those were our first reactions. What were yours? Let us know by voting below. You can vote for as many acts as you’d like, but you can only vote ONE time. Be sure to click the box next to each of your favourites before pressing submit.

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Croatia without a doubt! Great voice, nice song, originality… The rest of them have nothing special to offer.


JUST MACEDONIA <3 …. others are beneath the average 🙁

Pink Pussycat

1serbia 2 croatia 3 fyr macedonia 4 montenegro 5 slovenia

[ESC] Top 5 Ex-Yugoslavs
[ESC] Top 5 Ex-Yugoslavs

1 // F.Y.R Macedonia [10/10] SHE SLAYS AAHH
2 // Serbia [10/10] Love this so much!
3 // Montenegro [9.5/10] So fun 😀
4 // Croatia [7/10] Its nice.
5 // Slovenia [3/10] Sorry!





I think FYR Macedonia and Serbia songs are good – and hopefully they will qualify for the finals.

I like Slovenia’s song. But the biggest problem with the song is the 3rd verse – well, if you can call it a verse! Even a musical bridge would have been better imo.

Montenegro has a potential to qualify. Although I don’t like Croatia’s song on this occasion.

1st Macedonia
2nd Serbia
3rd Slovenia
4th Montenegro
5th Croatia


Serbia and Macedonia both have superb songs this year. I shall be listening to these songs for years to come.


All these songs are so bad…

Bad, but listenable:
1. Slovenia
2. Serbia

3. Croatia
4. Montenegro
5. Macedonia

I hope they all fail.


1. Montenegro
2. Croatia
3. Macedonia
4. Serbia
5. Slovenia

Montenegro has a great song………


1. Serbia
2. Macedonia
[huge gap]
3. Montenegro
[huge gap]
4. Croatia and Slovenia – both bad 🙁


Of course Macedonia. It’s the only really good entry. The rest are just OK or disappointing.


I usually cheer for Montenegro (I’m from South America), but last year and this year, I’ve been greatly disappointed by the quality of the songs.

This year, I’m not really convinced about the songs, since I don’t enjoy electronica as younger people do. So the only one that sort of appealed to me was Croatia. It’s a shame, because I usually really like the music from ex-Yugoslavian countries :/.


1) Montenegro
2) Macedonia
3) Serbia
4) Croatia
5) Slovenia


1. Macedonia …. for first time do something world quality… respect
2. Croatia ……. great vocals, too mixing styles … but the song is great
3. Slovenia ……. nice song, but nothing special
4. Serbia… Big disappointment this year a good singer and song below average
5. Montenegro …. The song is also below average, but expect that Slavko will made interesting performance


All of them are actually good!
Serbia is the best of the five though.


1. Macedonian song this year is the best for young people – perfect !!!!!
2. Croatia
3. Montenegro
4. Serbia
5. Slovenia

Barca Loner

Y.E.S for F.Y.R maciedonia!!!!


I just typed Tijana Bogcevic in google and I died of laughter. Like wtf? 😀
“A second Eurovision entry that is actually good!!!
Serbia’s entry, Tijana Bogi?evi?’s In Too Deep, is Europop greatness with some dum’n’bass for flair!!! Love it!”


Macedonia is OK…. for 3 days in the bus.
Serbia is good and promises excellent live performance….others really miserable…..

Guest <– Vote here for your favourites 😉


Why I am not surprised that the only negative comments on this thread for the Macedonian song are written by Greeks? LOL

G.E.T. O.V.E.R. I.T.!

And sorry for Damy having a poor song. It is a sentiment not only shared by me. It is really fun seeing how Greeks flip over the fact that Macedonia has a better song than them. LOL They can pass on with whatever else, but they can’t stomach that fact. Hahah…


Macedonia never had a great song. NEVER! Topping and being a favorite with so many ppl is a first for this country.

I remember, on past ex-YU polls, they always were dead-last or next to dead-last. This is something.

I hope that Macedonia get its first top 10 placement because it really deserves that. The song is catchy and probably the only that would last after the ESC. Bulgaria and Serbia, as well. These 3 are great! Hopefully, all will be top 10. <3


Montenegro is fun and Macedonia is a very good song. The others I forget all the time…


@James ”RIP Balkan ballad”
Actually, I wan’t one metal entry from Balkan (like Lordi) and my wishes will be fulfilled 😀


Without a doubt Macedonia. I’ve never liked a song this much from there and it’s the first song from Macedonia I’ve even enjoyed slightly since Elena in 2006. Really, truly hope this qualifies and does well, though Macedonia has a terrible habit of rubbish staging. In any case love the studio version, reminds me of Goldfrapp and Dragonette!

Serbia is good, I like it but it isn’t ground breaking. Have a feeling it will still finish higher than Macedonia.

Montenegro is fun. I think it will qualify.

Serbia defo


RIP Balkan ballad.

Poll has it the right way 1. Macedonia – Contemporary, well-written and catchy. Deserves to finish in the top ten, maybe even top five. 2. Serbia – Not quite as good as Macedonia but not far behind, a definite qualifier for the final. Those are the only two good ex-Yugoslav songs this year, the rest are all fairly bad. 3. Montenegro – Cheap and tacky, but you can dance to it and it will stand out. Has a small chance of making the final. 4. Croatia – The song is absolutely terrible. His voice is impressive but the gimmick is… Read more »
Macedonia is well ahead of the other. This song is slowly cracking my top 5 (along with Italy, Portugal, Belarus and Belgium). Slovenia is ok, actually I think it’s one of the best ballads this year (way better than Georgia, the UK, Poland, etc.). Montenegro is not my cup of tea, however I’m excited that such a conservative country is sending such a queer entry! I’m curious to see how the audience and juries will react to it. The rest is meh… Serbia is a generic plastic pop song (can’t even remember how it goes), and Croatia is just a… Read more »
Rock Me

Macedonia has by far the best song.


Actually no ex-yugoslav country excites me this year!

However, I think two songs stand out here: Serbia and F.Y.R.O.Macedonia.
The first song is modern and for some reason I like it a lot! I am used to different things from Serbia but time changes and it’s always a pleasure to have them at Eurovision!

As for the 2nd song, it’s not a masterpiece (personal opinion) but it’s a big step forward for the country! We are not used to such quality from them! The song is modern and fresh!

So my votes went to Serbia and F.Y.R.O.Macedonia!

THANKS FOR ALL VOTES!!! THIS ARE THE RESULTS OF THE VOTING 🙂 DO YOU LIKE TO SEE THE WHOLE VOTING? YOU CAN SEE IT HERE: THERE WERE 41 VOTES Artist – Song – Points – Best points with frequently 01. Blanche – City lights 199 (6x12p) 02. Kristian Kostov – Beautiful mess 171 (7x12p) 03. Francesco Gabbani – Occidentali’s Karma 153 (5x12p) 04. Dihaj – Skeletons 118 (1x12p) 05. Lindita – World 116 (8x12p) 06. Jana Bur?eska – Dance alone 104 (1x12p) 07. Isaiah – Don’t come easy 101 (1x12p) 08. Artsvik – Fly with me 99 (9x10p) 09.… Read more »

I think FYROM its a bit overated this year because no one expected something like this….but ok Serbia is much better!!

Aline Van Rossem (lelijk wijf)
Aline Van Rossem (lelijk wijf)

They are all good!


They are all quite bad this year. FYRoM unoriginal and over-produced, Serbia generic, Croatia shmaltzy, Montenegro talentless exhibitionism, Slovenia something out of a bad musical.


Macedonia is finally sending something modern and good. I think if she can keep the vocals on point she will sail through to the final

Purple Mask

For once, the poll results exactly match my opinion. 🙂


Slovenia is risking getting zero points..


Macedonia by far! I’m a sucker for this kind of vintage/modern dance pop genre. It’s well done! However, I’m concerned about the staging and live vocals on this act. If she pulls it off, it’ll likely end up top 10 or 15 in Kyiv! Congrats, Macedonia! 🙂


I am from Croatia so for this purpose I will disclude my country from rating.

I really like Macedonian song and I really hope they will do well this year. They deserve it after so many fails in last 10 years (in which they had good songs but mostly very bad performances).

I somewhat like Montenegro, even tho it has no chance to qualify. Its old fashion and with quite… interesting persona.

I have no opinion about Slovenia and Serbia. I don’t like these songs but I don’t find them bad, just unoriginal. Serbia has good chance to qualify for sure.


The songs are either amazing or a total mess. Macedonia and Serbia are great, the rest sucks pretty much (my opinion).


As usually Montenegro is underrated and Serbia is overrated. Montenegro has a unique artist and catchy song. Serbia is too unoriginal. Song reminds me of Katy Perry’s song Firework.

Macedonia is still number one, for a reason. It’s a decent dance track.


Macedonia is stunning

Fredrik Swe

1. Montenegro
2. The rest


1. F.Y.R Macedonia
2. Serbia
3. Slovenia
4. Croatia
5. Montenegro


The macedonian song is the only one I like. I hope it qualifies (though I’m not sure how it’ll do on stage).


Croatia. No doubt. That song has everything. It’s superb and interesting! The voice, the melody, the concept. I really believe in Croatia this year!

Macedonia is cliche from 20’s, I don’t understand why everyone here is liking it. Im quite sure it won’t even qualify.

26. Serbia
34. Macedonia
41. Slovenia
43. Montenegro


Macedonia will flop and stay in semifinal, mark my words


Serbia 5/43 ???????
Macedonia 12/43 ?
Croatia,Slovenia, Montenegro 43/43


Hope nationalistic comments don’t fall from above as the rain in Greece.


Montenegro is the best.