Bulgaria: Kristian Kostov releases “Beautiful Mess” music video

In March Bulgaria revealed that their Eurovision 2017 song “Beautiful Mess” would be a story of contrasting pictures and characters, both on the dark and bright side of life.

And on Friday we got a hint of what they might mean with the release of Kristian Kostov’s official music video.

The high concept video fits well with the song’s themes of perseverance and hope, which BNT previously outlined in a statement sent to wiwibloggs.

“The story here is quite simple – it’s about love,” they said. “But we don’t mean love in the sense of feelings between two persons, but rather love for humanity and friendship, as both are an integral part of the core values of the Eurovision Song Contest.”

“The main character is a youngster who is facing a world full of darkness that he is living in and is searching for an oasis of light for him and the people he is willing to fight for. Our project this year is dedicated to all young people, urging them to define themselves and fight for the values they believe in.”

Kristian Kostov's #euovision2017 Music video is out. Here's how his team describe the video: "A total of 35 actors took part in the shooting process that lasted more then 20 hours. The video is a co-production between Virginia Records and Symphonics, who are two of the three producers of this year’s Bulgarian participation at Eurovision, along with BNT." "The famous Bulgarian music video producer Liusi Ilarionov is the director of the video and Andrey Andreev is the cameraman. They both worked with Kristian in the past. Milen Dankov, a well-known choreographer in Bulgaria, was in charge of the video's concept. He also worked with Kristian before – both when he was a contestant on X-factor and during the filming of the official video to his debut single – 'Ne Si Za Men'." #eurovision #eurovisionsongcontest

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The message comes through clearly in the video, which sees Kristian at the centre of a literal mess, with countless bodies lying lifeless on the floor.

But amid the apparent catastrophe there is life and hope, as Kristian rises and calls on his soldiers to join him.

Explosions follow, flags are raised and, amid an atmosphere of rebellion, Kristian and his crew seem to find peace. As he sings: “Even in the line of fire, When everything is on the wire, Even up against the wall, Our love is untouchable.”


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The video, which seems to have taken inspiration from Woodkid’s “Iron”, has a Game of Thrones vibe, which is fitting given the series’ focus on redemption and strife.

What do you think? Are you loving the cinematic video? What do you make of the tree branches, horses and birds — and what do you think they all symbolise? Let us know in the comments box below and by using our wiwibloggs app, available on Android and iOS.