Artsvik at Eurovision in Concert: “The headpiece in the video was real and weighed ten kilos!”

Her name means “eagle” — and we’re ready to fly with her. But before we hit the skies, Armenia’s Eurovision 2017 entrant Artsvik sat down with us for an interview ahead of her stirring performance at Eurovision in Concert in Amsterdam on Saturday.

Wearing on-trend aviator sunglasses, this diva from the Caucuses opened up about her personal transformation, her experimental song and much, much more.

Although she does speak a little bit of English, Artsvik travels with an interpreter (who also happens to be one of her songwriters) on her promo tour. She wants to make sure that her message gets through. Nevertheless, we were delighted when she said — in perfect English — that she had been looking forward to meeting William and that she remembered the reaction video he made with fellow wiwiblogger Deban.

Speaking of Depi EvratesilArtsvik told us that she is not very different now that she was at Armenia’s national selection, though she does feel “much stronger now”. Just call her Britney, y’all!

She literally showed off her strength in the music video for “Fly With Me” too. In the video, she wears a 10-kilo headpiece and makes it look easy, almost as if it was CGI. But it was all real. Her team wanted an “experimental look” in the music video to give life to the other-worldly sound.

We also asked Artsvik about her very avant-garde song “Fly With Me”, which she embraced despite being known primarily for covers of Whitney Houston.

She loved the challenge of performing a unique, unexpected song. The main message is that love unites us — we couldn’t agree more!

Watch: Artsvik – “Fly With Me” (Armenia 2017) LIVE at Eurovision in Concert

Does Artsvik want Europeans to know anything about Armenia and its people? Of course!

Armenia is a very beautiful and welcoming country and she hopes that everyone will get to visit one day. Well, if Armenia wins this year, you can definitely count on us being in sunny Yerevan next May!

What do you think about Artsvik’s Eurovision in Concert performance? And how well do you think Artsvik will do in Kyiv? Let us know in the comments!