Sweden: Måns Zelmerlöw to co-present Swedish commentary in Kyiv, Wiktoria to deliver points

In 2015 he won Eurovision, in 2016 he co-hosted it, now in 2017 Måns Zelmerlöw will again return to Eurovision — this time as Sweden’s co-commentator. The “Heroes” singer will join regular commentator Edward af Sillén in Sweden’s commentary booth in Kyiv. And when it comes to delivering Sweden’s douze points, that honour will go to Melodifestivalen star Wiktoria.

Måns told Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet that he’s looking forward to the experience, especially as it means he won’t be so busy during Eurovision week. “Both times I’ve been through Eurovision there has not been much time to enjoy the Eurovision week. Now I think there will be a little more free time.”

He has also hinted that he may make some live appearances during his time in Kyiv — but he’s not giving anything away at this stage.

Måns already has his favourites for Kyiv. After he performed at Iceland’s national final, Måns is a fan of Svala and her song “Paper”. He’s also partial to France’s Alma and her entry “Requiem”.

Surprisingly, while Måns is aware of the competition favourite — Francesco Gabbani’s “Occidentali’s karma” and the dancing ape — Måns isn’t sure what the fuss is all about. “I have not fallen for it,” Måns told the newpaper.

Måns will be joined in the commentary booth by Sweden’s regular Eurovision commentator Edward af Sillén. Since 2009 he has been Sweden’s regular commentator and is joined by a different co-host each year, including Sanna Nielsen in 2015. Edward took a break from commentary duties in 2013 and 2016 due to his involvement with producing Sweden’s hosting of Eurovision itself.

“The Swedish Wogan”

Edward is a respected comedy writer and was behind Måns and Petra Mede’s script for Eurovision 2016 — including the iconic song “Love Love Peace Peace”. But Edward is also known for his cutting commentary, which — when translated into English — reminds some fans of the golden years of UK commentary legend Terry Wogan.

Here is a selection of Edward’s best shade from Eurovision 2015:

“As you have have noticed, Ukraine isn’t part of Eurovision this year. Anyway, here’s Russia with a song about peace.” — on Polina Gagarina.

“Written by a guy that makes commercial jingles, sang by two completely unknown artists – this really tells us how much England cares about this competition.” — on Electro Velvet.

“Why she has decided to match big headphones and a wedding dress is unclear.” — on Maraaya.

“This is what happens when six singers want to sing solo.” — on Genealogy.

Also confirmed for Kyiv is Sweden’s spokesperson. This year Melfest finalist — and televote runner-up — Wiktoria will do the honours in presenting Sweden’s points.

This continues Sweden’s tradition of using Melfest stars to deliver points. In recent years, the points have been presented by such artists as Danny Saucedo, Yohio, Alcazar and Mariette.

*Order the blue shirt with yellow letters

*Order the yellow shirt with blue letters