Lindita releases acoustic version of “World”…just hours after sharing TWO Eurovision covers

In December she unveiled “Botë” and in March she revamped it as “World”.

Now, as Lindita prepares to sing the rock-tinged ballad at Eurovision 2017, she’s gifting us with yet another version — and it’s in acoustic form.

On Friday the Kosovar stunner unveiled the stripped back version, which she once again developed with producer and songwriter Klodian Qafoku. This latest rendering of the song showcases Lindita’s perfect vocals — just in case you needed further proof that she is on point and ready to slay.

The release comes just hours after she released stripped back covers of Moldova’s Eurovision 2016 song from Lidia Isac, and “I’m Alive”, Elhaida Dani’s Eurovision 2015 song for which Lindita served as the English-language lyricist.

Developing these covers isn’t the only thing that’s been on Lindita’s plate lately. In recent weeks she has performed at Eurovision preview events in both Amsterdam and Madrid, killing it vocally and sartorially as she strutted out in outré outfits that reminded the world she’s a woman with her own riotous vision.

Of course, Lindita has a busy life away from music, too — and it’s filled with a husband, a dog, and strong beliefs about protecting animals.

At Eurovision in Concert in Amsterdam she explained the practical and ethical reasons why she went vegetarian.

For starters, meat left her feeling bloated.

“It’s also a message, cause I love animals, and every time I ate meat I felt guilty,” she told wiwiblogger William.

Her love of animals also comes through in her favourite four-legged friend.

“I have a dog. My baby. I call him kuta — it’s a dog or puppy in the Albanian language.” Does he sleep with her? “My husband doesn’t let him.”

And what about her skin-tillating outfits, which she has worked throughout the Eurovision preview season?

“You gotta be prepared all the time, honey!” she says. “This is actually the real me. I just like to feel free. The gowns are more serious and you have to stay a certain way. But with this I can just be free and do whatever. I’ve been tanning too long for this not to show, honey!”

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