WATCH: Albania, Belgium and Montenegro — second rehearsals at Eurovision 2017

Crash, bang, boom! Second rehearsals of Eurovision 2017 continue inside the International Exhibition centre in Kyiv, with acts debuting new costumes and refined LEDs. Next to take to the stage are Albania’s Lindita, Belgium’s Blanche and Montenegro’s Slavko Kalezic.

Albania: Lindita with “World”

She showed up to her first rehearsal in street clothes. But today Lindita turned up and turned out in futuristic spaceship couture. She slipped into a translucent skirt that snaked up from the floor to her hips, where the garment turned into a white bodice with a silver sequinned front. She wore an ornate collar with oversized white flowers. She started the performance with her head covered by a translucent veil and with light shining from behind. It was the perfect visual match to the mysterious opening. As the music starts viewers will no doubt ask, “Who’s that girl?”

Albania’s Second Rehearsal at Eurovision 2017

Lindita, “World”: Performance Preview

Belgium: Blanche with “City Lights”

Her first rehearsal didn’t exactly set Kyiv alight. She looked timid and somewhat overwhelmed by the enormity of the stage. Today, however, Blanche managed to look vulnerable rather than scared, and as the song and run-throughs progressed she finally showed a degree of emotion, including anger and, at the end of the performance, a bit of happiness via a small smile. Adding joy to this song about longing helps portray her as a person rather than a deer-in-headlights.

Visually this looked much tighter and dynamic. Rather than letting the stage swallow Blanche, producers zoom in on her and approach from better angles. She wears a billowing white dress with an enormous skirt. It seems to glow in the white light, helping to provide a visual centrepiece. She remains fragile but the silhouette is strong. It’s an important difference that helps centre the performance.

Belgium’s Second Rehearsal at Eurovision 2017

Blanche, “City Lights”: Performance Preview

Montenegro — Slavko Kalezic, “Space”

He says he has his suit on, but in reality Slavko wears spray-on black leggings with countless crystals. Once again he spends much of the performance voguing and dancing freestyle — he’s doing this his way and on his terms. Producers helped create more of a dance atmosphere with quicker cuts, and it seems that we saw the LED images of his silhouette for a few more seconds this time around. Unfortunately the vast stage frequently feels empty. The saving grace is Slavko’s charisma, humour and hair braid, which helps distract from that.

Montenegro’s Second Rehearsal at Eurovision 2017

Slavko Kalezic, “Space”: Performance Preview

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