Eurovision 2017 odds: Romania and Finland climbing, Australia drifting


It’s been just three days since we last checked the odds, but things have shifted quite dramatically in the Eurovison 2017 odds. We not only have a different top ten, we also have have a different top three. The Eurovision bookmakers have been busy taking bets and keeping the fans guessing.

Since our last update on 2 May, Sweden has drifted ever so slightly, falling in fourth place. Portugal is now sitting pretty in third position, despite Salvador Sobral not yet being present in Kyiv for the rehearsals. Italy and Bulgaria still lead, with the first still boasting very comfortable odds to win next Saturday despite not having rehearsed yet.

The biggest shake comes from Romania, who, following a well-received first rehearsal, has jumped four places to the sixth position. The yodel/rap duo Ilinca feat. Alex Florea must be doing something right — it is the first time since 2006 when Romania has been so high in the odds to win Eurovision. Obviously, they are expected to “Yodel It!” to the grand final without problem.

Romania passed Belgium, now in tenth place, and Australia, who has fallen five positions to 11th place, despite very decent first and second rehearsals.

Another significant climber is Finland. Norma John‘s “Blackbird” has finally hopped into the top ten and is now singing happily in eighth place — further consolidating Finland’s chances of advancing from the first semi-final. Speaking of the first semi, Azerbaijan also jumped two places to the seventh spot in the top ten.

Despite not having rehearsed yet, France has climbed one place to the ninth position. Greece, who had been edging the top ten, has now fallen four spots to 15th.

Eurovision betting odds – 5 May 2017

Top 15

Eurovision odds - top 15 - 5 May 2017

Places 16 – 30

Places 31 – 42

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Photo: EBU