Poll results: Croatia’s Jacques Houdek had the best first rehearsal on May 3rd

San Marino’s Valentina Monetta and Jimmie Wilson took us to the club. Switzerland’s Timebelle served Beauty and the Beast realness. And Israel’s Imri Ziv showed off his biceps in a skin-tight vest. And they were just three of nine acts that performed in the International Exhibition Centre during their first rehearsal on May 3

We asked our readers to pick their favourite rehearsals from Wedneday’s lineup and only one could triumph. After counting 5,591 votes, we can now reveal that our readers think the multitalented Croatian star Jacques Houdek was top with his song “My Friend”.

Our team of wiwibloggers in Kyiv were captivated by Jacques’ world of wonder. The performance opened with Jacques staring into the camera, acting as a motivational speaker who preaches that each day can be lived like a miracle. The camera then panned out to reveal Jacques singing to Jacques — when he looked to his right he was the balladeer, when he looked to his left he was the opera star. Behind him were images of Jacques on the LED.

The screens then displayed stunning images, including the sun rising from behind an almost mythical mountain and later a field of sunflowers. At various points pyro geysers erupted around the perimeter of the stage and fell in a shower from above. Towards the end of the song a rainbow appeared above all of this — providing hope and inspiration that matched the soaring sound.

This performance is mad, but in a delightful way. This act takes itself seriously but is so bonkers you struggle not to like it.

Also making an impression with wiwibloggs readers was Bulgaria, who placed second. Kristian Kostov made an impression with the stark yet elegant staging for “Beautiful Mess”, earning 15.76% of the vote. In third place was Israel’s IMRI with 13.97% of the vote. His energetic performance of “I Feel Alive” was also a favourite.

Poll results: Who had the best rehearsal on May 3?

  1. Croatia: Jacques Houdek “My Friend” 18.55% (1,037 votes)
  2. Bulgaria: Kristian Kostov “Beautiful Mess” 15.76% (881 votes)
  3. Israel: IMRI “I Feel Alive” 13.97% (781 votes)
  4. Belarus: Naviband “Story of my life” 12.31% (688 votes)
  5. Estonia: Koit & Laura “Verona” 11.09% (620 votes)
  6. Switzerland: Timebelle “Apollo” 10.03% (561 votes)
  7. Norway: JOWST “Grab The Moment” 9.78% (547 votes)
  8. Lithuania: Fusedmarc “Rain of Revolution” 4.85% (271 votes)
  9. San Marino: Valentina Monetta & Jimmie Wilson “Spirit of the Night” 3.66% (205 votes)