Poll results: Poland’s Kasia Mos had the best second rehearsal on May 4th


Thursday saw the start of the second rehearsals and we finally had the chance to see precisely what tweaks they made — across vocals, LED, choreography and more. We were in the arena to film the likes of Blanche in her city lights, Cyprus’ Hovig walking a tightrope and Slavko Kalezic serving that hair braid realness for Montenegro.

We asked our readers to pick their favourite rehearsals from Thursday’s lineup and only one could triumph. After counting 7,565 votes, we can now reveal that our readers think the Polish diva Kasia Mos was the winner with her dramatic ballad “Flashlight”, with 13.84% of the vote.

The Wiwi team in the press centre was impressed by Kasia’s illuminating second rehearsal. The Polish beauty traded in her first white gown for a slightly more revealing bandage dress, which showed off her ample assets and silky shoulders. It has a deep thigh split that teases her perfect pins and shows off her left stiletto, which features an ankle strap and a vertiginous spike that literally has her on point.

A violinist plays in the background while she serves face and nails her vocals. The LED features a blue sky with stars. Later Kasia turns around and the spotlight shines through her translucent dress, showing off her gym-honed silhouette. A series of doves and smoke then emerge from behind her on the LED. Peace has never looked so fabulous! Another highlight? When Kasia’s circular floor illuminates with constellations denoted by bright pink lights.

Wiwibloggs readers were also impressed by Greece, with Demy’s “This Is Love” getting 11.98% of the vote. In third place was Finland’s Norma John, whose gothic “Blackbird” closely followed on 11.73%.

Poll results: Who had the best second rehearsal on May 4th?

  1. Poland: Kasia Mos, “Flashlight” 13.84% (1,047 votes)
  2. Greece: Demy, “This is Love” 11.98% (906 votes)
  3. Finland: Norma John, “Blackbird” 11.73% (887 votes)
  4. Azerbaijan: Dihaj, “Skeletons” 8.99% (680 votes)
  5. Portugal: Luisa Sobral, “Amar pelos dois” 8.68% (657 votes)
  6. Belgium: Blanche, “City Lights” 7.26% (549 votes)
  7. Sweden: Robin Bengtsson, “I Can’t Go On” 6.91% (523 votes)
  8. Albania: Lindita, “World” 5.87% (444 votes)
  9. Cyprus: Hovig, “Gravity” 5.12% (387 votes)
  10. Iceland: Svala, “Paper” 4.77% (361 votes)
  11. Moldova: SunStroke Project, “Hey Mamma!” 4.57% (346 votes)
  12. Georgia: Tamara Gachechiladze, “Keep the Faith” 3.77% (285 votes)
  13. Australia: Isaiah, “Don’t Come Easy” 3.13% (237 votes)
  14. Czech Republic, Martina Barta, “My Turn” 2.29% (173 votes)
  15. Montenegro: Slavko Kalezic, “Space” 1.09% (83 votes)