Poll: Here come the brides – who has the best white dress at Eurovision 2017?

As the rehearsals for Eurovision 2017 have rolled out over the previous week, keen wiwibloggs readers have noticed one particular theme coming up in the wardrobe department. This year there are a lot of white dresses. It’s getting to the point where Eurovision 2017 is starting to resemble a bridal fair.

This isn’t the first time white dresses have been popular at Eurovision. In both 2013 (six dresses) and 2015 (seven dresses), white wardrobes featured. And now, two more years later, white is back at Eurovision.

But who is wearing white the best? Take a look at this year’s sartorial creations in white and vote for your favourites. You can vote for as many gowns as you like, but you can only vote once — so make your vote count!

Albania: Lindita

Lindita brings silver warrior style to her white dress. The bodice of the dress is covered with silver sequins, and delivers a bold, strong style. The skirt of the dress is made from a light organza, and allows personal trainer Lindita to show off her gym-honed legs.

Belarus: Ksienija from Naviband

Naviband are serving Belarusian realness with their uplifting song “Story of my Life” and singer Ksienija is keeping it real with her dress. It’s made from a light fabric and features delicate patterns and textures woven into it. The dress has a full skirt, just perfect for joyfully spinning around to Naviband’s positive folk-pop.

Belgium: Blanche

Blanche’s gown has a classic prom dress style, with a classic empire line shape. The dress and bodice are in a strong white, while the sleeves and the dress are overlaid with a light organza fabric. Blanche also brings a touch of silver with some flower designs on the bodice. And if anyone is entitled to wear white, it’s Blanche — her name means “white” in French.

Estonia: Laura

Estonia’s Laura keeps it glam with her form-fitting white gown that features very elaborate lacing. This includes a leafy design on the bust, and a patriotic “Estonia” on her lower back. As well as featuring transparent lace panels on the sides, the skirt also includes tassels at the front and back to give it some movement.

Iceland: Svala

Svala channels her inner Icelandic warrior princess with this take on a modern superhero look. Svala is wearing a white catsuit with a plunging neckline that shows off ample sideboob and Svala’s striking chest tattoo. The catsuit is accessorised with a long flowing cape which Svala uses to dramatic effect.

Malta: Claudia Faniello

Claudia’s figure-hugging dress shows off her curviliciousness. The elegant gown is made from a shimmering fabric and features a V-neckline that further works with Claudia’s hourglass figure.

Moldova: SunStroke Project brides

SunStroke Project’s three backing singers don’t just look like they’re wearing wedding dresses: they are wearing wedding dresses. These three Moldovan brides are sporting classic white gowns with on-trend cut-out shoulders. The dresses have reversible skirts, which means they can be quickly transformed into an elegant cocktail dress.

Poland: Kasia Mos

The bodice of Kasia Mos’s dress is in a tight bandage wrap style, leaving no room for error. The skirt has a shorter inner layer, with a longer outer layer of the ubiquitous sheer white organza fabric.

Serbia: Tijana Bogicevic

The organza is out in force for Tijana’s costume. The base is a silver leotard, and over it Tijana wears a white organza dress with billowing sleeves and a wide skirt. The dress is also highlighted with tiny sequins that bring a shimmer to the overall outfit.


Austria: Nathan Trent

It’s not all women who are rocking white. Nathan Trent can be found wearing a light white jacket over a white t-shirt, contrasting with off-white 7/8th-length trousers that give us a hint of ankle. He matches this with white sneakers.

Poll: Who has the best white dress at Eurovision 2017?

Images: Andres Putting (EBU)