Poll results: Bulgaria’s Kristian Kostov is your favourite to win semi-final 2 of Eurovision 2017


In his song he sings “We don’t have a thing to lose” and this poll is another thing he won’t be losing. Kristian Kostov from Bulgaria has emerged the favourite with wiwibloggs readers to take out top spot in tonight’s semi-final.

Back on March 18 we launched a poll asking who your favourites were leading up to tonight’s semi-final. The votes came in thick and fast, with a total of 30,374 votes cast across the 18 songs competing in tonight’s show. Kristian Kostov earned your highest praise, with 12.15% of the votes. Slayage personified!

Second place in the poll goes to Jana Burceska from FYR Macedonia. She sings of dancing alone but she is not alone! In fact, 2,726 people want to dance with the sultry songstress — that’s 8.97% of the vote. Her visually appealing LED screens and her innate ability to slut-drop has all of us hollering. Yaasss!

Receiving the bronze medal in our poll is the amazing Timebelle from Switzerland. A vision in lemon curd, Miruna and co have been nailing their fantastical performance all through this Eurovision season. Y’all do not want to pull the rug from underneath Timebelle, with 2,518 votes — 8.29% of the total — going to the land of cheese, army knives and hot cocoa.

Fourth place went to Ireland‘s Brendan Murray. His hot hair balloon is taking y’all to the sky, earning him 2,467 votes (8.12%). Rounding out the top five is Danish-Australian Anja Nissen representing Denmark. 2,402 votes later, she has found where she is and that is in fifth place, with 7.91% of the vote.


  1. Bulgaria: Kristian Kostov, “Beautiful Mess” — 12.15% (3,689 votes)
  2. FYR Macedonia: Jana Burceska, “Dance Alone” — 8.97% (2,726 votes)
  3. Switzerland: Timebelle, “Apollo” — 8.29% (2,518 votes)
  4. Ireland: Brendan Murray, “Dying To Try” — 8.12% (2,467 votes)
  5. Denmark: Anja Nissen, “Where I Am” — 7.91% (2,402 votes)
  6. Romania: Illinca ft. Alex Florea, “Yodel It!” — 7.66% (2,328 votes)
  7. Netherlands: OG3NE, “Lights and Shadows” — 6.1% (1,854 votes)
  8. Estonia: Koit Toome & Laura, “Verona” — 5.64% (1,714 votes)
  9. Israel: Imri Ziv, “I Feel Alive” — 5.39% (1,637 votes)
  10. Serbia: Tijana Bogicevic, “In Too Deep” — 5.17% (1,569 votes)
  11. Hungary: Joci Papai, “Origo” — 4.69% (1,425 votes)
  12. Norway: JOWST, “Grab The Moment” — 3.83% (1,164 votes)
  13. Belarus: NAVIBAND, “Story Of My Life” — 3.71% (1,128 votes)
  14. Austria: Nathan Trent, “Running On Air” — 3.52% (1,070 votes)
  15. Russia: Julia Samoylova, “Flame Is Burning” – 2.44% (742 votes)
  16. San Marino: Valentina Monnetta & Jimmie Wilson, “Spirit of the Night” — 1.81% (550 votes)
  17. Croatia: Jacques Houdek, “My Friend” — 1.77% (538 votes)
  18. Malta: Claudia Faniello, “Breathlessly” — 1.6% (485 votes)
  19. Lithuania: Fusedmarc, “Rain of Revolution” — 1.21% (368 votes)

Based on the results, our readers think that Bulgaria, FYR Macedonia, Switzerland, Ireland, Denmark, Romania, Netherlands, Estonia, Israel and Serbia will qualify tonight. That would mean an exit for Hungary, Norway, Belarus, Austria, San Marino, Croatia, Malta and Lithuania.

What do you think of the poll results? Do you think that Bulgaria can make a beautiful mess of this semi-final? Will Jana Burceska dance alone all the way to the final? And will any of the bottom eight acts still qualify? Let us know all your thoughts in the comments section below!