Listen: Samir & Viktor reunited and partying like kings on fabulous new single “Kung”


Good news for those who love the almighty duo of Samir & Viktor and suffer from a severe case of the PED. Yes, you guessed it. They are together again! And they brought a brand new song with them as well. Oh happy days!

Earlier we reported that the “Bada nakna” couple had gone their seperate ways as Samir released a new single under his full name. We were heartbroken to say the least and struggled to find reasons for this untimely breakup. The world had lost its colours and all hope seemed to be gone. But oh, Samir and Viktor thankfully found out that together they are stronger, and they released their new single “Kung” (or “King”) to prove it to us.

“Kung” just oozes with the couple’s signature sound. A whistle in the beginning, and then a heavy drumbeat, followed with S&V’s lovely vocals. It’s a purebred Samir and Viktor song, with the same vibe as their previous work. But that’s no surprise — “Kung” is written by “Bada nakna” (and “Undo”) songwriter Fredrik Kempe.

But that’s not all! Not only have the lads given us a new song, they’ve also made a video! Being true to their whacky self, Samir and Viktor invite us to an authentic Swedish night out in their Norwegian party bus.

The video begins with Samir, walking the streets hungover, and struggling to remember just what the hell happened the night before. (P.S, it’s what we Nordics do best).

No champagne glasses? Use Viktor’s washboard abs instead!

And for those of you, who are familiar with the Norwegian TV sensation Skam, the video is set up to look like an episode of the teen drama. Oh, and we get to see both fellow Melfest stars De Vet Du, as the ultimate rival gang and Samir slurping champagne off Viktor’s belly. Honestly, this is so right in every single way possible. Those guys are the kings, make no mistake, people!

Sweden seems to be just as happy as we are about their reunion. In a morning show on TV4 in Sweden, Samir and Viktor performed their new royal single. We just hope that more songs will follow, for if there is something that the world desperately needs right now, it is Samir and Viktor.

Now we just cross our fingers for the duo to reappear in Melodifestivalen 2018. But until then, we’ll do what Samir and Viktor do in “Kung”. We shall live like kings and we shall party like kings. The summer is here and S&V are ready to take you for a ride. Just be a true Groupie, grab your Saxof*****gfon and go Bada Nakna på Sergelstorg!

What are your thoughts about Samir and Viktor reuniting and their newest single? Should we get ready for Melodifestivalen 2018? Please comment below!