Poll results: “Crisalide (Vola)” is your favourite Valentina Monetta Eurovision song


She’s the four-time Eurovision Song Contest competitor who has earned the admiration and love of the Eurovision fandom.

And, despite not qualifying for the grand final on Thursday evening, Sammarimese Queen Valentina Monetta continues to feel and share the love with Eurovision enthusiasts. The mutual passion will continue, even if San Marino’s broadcaster has teased the possibility of withdrawing [gay gasp!].

“The Eurovision Song Contest is an unforgettable experience every time,” she wrote on her Facebook page on May 15. “I had crazy fun and despite the result I’m so happy to have been back — no regrets, I tried my best, as always, and I love my sweet, little Republic. Thank you and all those who continue to believe in me and support me no matter what. I will always love my Eurovision fans.”

Ahead of Eurovision we asked our readers to name their favourite song out of the four she’s performed on the Eurovision stage. After counting 3,876 votes, we can now reveal the winner. With 2,076 of all votes — that’s 54% of the total — Crisalide (Vola) is our readers’ favourite Valentina Monetta song at Eurovision.

We aren’t exactly surprised. The song, which begins as an emotional ballad before morphing into a disco stomper in the last third of the song, was a fan wank of 2013 and remains a staple of Eurovision parties around the continent.

On the Eurovision 2013 stage in Malmö, the Sammarimese singer brought her IKEA lamp from the video with her.

And then she opened her wings and delivered one of the most memorable performances of that year. We at wiwibloggs loved the song at first listen. Writing in his Wiwi Jury review, William said:

By singing about a butterfly chrysalis she touches on birth and death, and the importance of filling the space between the two with love and self-belief. “You’ll be flying/ On the wings of confidence,” she says. “Just stop crying/ And the future will make sense/ Start emerging from your chrysalis/ Find the kind of freedom that you miss.” By the time the song morphs from emotional ballad to disco floor-stomper, Valentina’s transformation is complete. Beep Bop Girl is dead. Valentina has arrived!

Unfortunately, it was not to be for the Vale butterfly, as San Marino failed to advance to the Grand Final that year. That was despite her performance having been voted second only to Denmark (the eventual winners) by the Organisation of Eurovision Fans, OGAE. Anyway, the queen of San Marino slayed her way to the final the following year with “Maybe (Forse)”.

This year’s “Spirit Of The Night” finished second in our poll, with 19.61% of the votes. Rounding out the podium is her only Grand Final success, “Maybe (Forse)”, while her Eurovision debut entry “The Social Network Song (Oh Oh – Uh – Oh Oh)” finished in fourth place.

Full results: What’s your favourite Valentina Monetta entry?

What do you think about the results? Would you like to see Queen Valentina return to the Eurovision stage for a record-breaking fifth time? Let us know in the comments!