Face off! Which Eurovision 2017 act worked their own LED image best?

You’ve all heard of the diva’s best friend Narcissus, right? If not he’s the dude that fell in love with his own reflection and stared at it until he withered away and died. Dramatic we know. But he just might been the inspiration for a few of the LED screens at Eurovision 2017.

Along with the white wedding dress, the LED-selfie seems to have been one of the most popular trends amongst this year’s stage designers. Therefore it is more than appropriate to ask ourselves (and you) who had the best face job of 2017.

In this poll we ask you to put aside your opinions of the songs and divert your attention to the LED-screens behind the contestants. Who gave us the best on-stage selfie? And who used their own face to enhance their performance the most?

Before you cast your vote here’s a reminder of the stagings that made it to this year’s Face-Off. If you want to watch the entire performance, just click on the song’s title.

You can vote for as many entries as you would like but you can only submit your votes one time, so be absolutely sure when you press vote.

Please note: We have left out three acts who almost qualified for this poll. Norway’s JOWST projected Aleksander Walman’s face onto the screen, but it wasn’t a large part of the LED display. Greece’s Demy included a figure of her body in her waterfall-in-reverse, but it was brief and looked more like a corpse than the actual singer. Finally, Cyprus’ HOVIG featured an image of his body levitating at the end of the performance, but it was very brief and there wasn’t much face detail. These quick flashes just weren’t vain enough!

Australia: Isaiah Firebrace – “Don’t Come Easy”

His team sought to create a fantasy dreamscape — and one centred around Isaiah’s ever-changing expressions and movements. So they filmed him in a suit striking poses and working those emotions. From turquoise hues to bright pink ones, the LED was all about Isaiah.

You spin us right round, @isaiahmusicofficial #australia #esc2017 #celebratediversity #eurovision

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Croatia: Jacques Houdek – “My Friend” 

He sang a duet for one and he brought it to life with an LED that captured him in his two guises — opera star and pop balladeer. Some thought the larger-than-life images of Jacques were a tad creepy. But he didn’t care. He did him and slayed his way to the final.

Estonia: Koit Toome & Laura – “Verona”

Singing about a troubled relationship, Koit and Laura created distance from one another by standing very far apart. And, as if to show the effects of a relationship in free fall, their own pixelated images fell apart on the LED. The magic wasn’t enough and “Verona” had a tragic ending, with the telegenic pair finishing in 14th place in their semi.

FYR Macedonia: Jana Burceska – “Dance Alone”

She sang about her reckless youth and missed opportunities, and the power to persevere despite it all. And with “Dance Alone” Jana chose to take the stage alone, dancing with an image of herself. Eurofans will recognise the LED from her music video, and all the promise and emotion it carried.

Israel: Imri Ziv – “I Feel Alive”

He’s known for his striking looks and banging body. And Imri Ziv put both to good use in his LED, which saw him showing off those arms and shoulders as he literally broke to pieces on screen. We’re surprised the stage hands didn’t rush to pick them up. That would be a souvenir!

Malta: Claudia Faniello – “Breathlessly”

At one point the Maltese beauty could be seen singing between her own two breasts. This wasn’t erotica. It was a statement on the various parts that make her up. Chest to arms to eyes, eventually the full woman came into focus. And what a woman she is!

Big cheer for Malta's @claudiafaniello, song number four #eurovision #esc2017 #celebratediversity

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Moldova: Sunstroke Project (Epic Sax Guy) – “Hey Mamma” 

SunStroke Project sought to throw a party. And a party requires bodies. So they replicated Epix Sax Guy and Epic Violin Guy in an infinite series on their LED, turning the stage into a proper disco.

Shout out to your mamma – it's @sunstrokeproject for Moldova! #eurovision #celebratediversity #esc2017

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Montenegro: Slavko Kalezic – “Space” 

At various points Slavko’s image appeared on the screen, thrusting and dancing. It was hilar. But the standout moment of this came when Slavko, lying on the floor, writhed around on his own mouth, which was displayed below him.

In Space, we can be as one with Slavko! #montenegro #eurovision #celebratediversity #esc2017

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So who did you vote for? Which LEDs rocked and which ones should have been unplugged? Let us know in the comments box below.