Albania’s Flaka Krelani: I will never participate in Festivali i Këngës again


She’s one of Albania’s most beloved singers — and one who has made in-roads with Eurovision fans owing to her four standout performances in Festivali i Këngës.

But despite her love for the contest and her many FiK fans, Flaka Krelani has revealed that she will “never” enter the contest again.

Appearing on Albanian TV show “Thumb” last week, she was asked why she participates in the festival repeatedly, even after saying in the past she would not return.

“You don’t have any idea what love for music is,” she snapped back. “It’s the love to want to always give new material, and the Festival has something magical, when you know that your song will be played by all the instruments and you say the ‘award’ doesn’t matter. That’s the reason why I always come back to Festival.”

But, after establishing her deep respect for the long-running festival, she made it clear that coming close to victory but not securing it takes an emotional toll. Remember: She’s finished in the Top 5 every time — even coming second in 2008.


“Now I have decided that what’s happened has happened, and I will never ever participate again. I’m human and I have feelings — it really hurts.”

Naturally the presenters had to ask if she’d pursue Eurovision again anyway.

“I don’t want Eurovision anymore,” she said.

Flaka: Lindita didn’t have support

Flaka had kind words for Lindita, who failed to advance from the semi-final to the grand final. Flaka doesn’t put it down to Lindita’s obvious talent, but rather to a lack of support from the broadcaster.

“As a singer Lindita was penalized. We singers from Kosovo and Albania always end up having to organize everything — management, costume, performance for the contest,” she said.

“Actually all that we should have to do is just rest and eat well, and go on to the stage and kill it. Lindita was fantastic. It was bad to see that she didn’t have support. We always have two, three backing vocals and that’s all of our performance — we should try different things.”

Are you sad that Flaka is bowing out of FiK competition? Do you think she’ll go back on her comments and enter again anyway? And do you agree that the broadcaster could do more to help its FiK winners achieve success at Eurovision? Let us know in the comments box below. 

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