Listen: New music from De Vet Du, Mariette, Benjamin Ingrosso, FO&O and other Melfest 2017 stars


Summer is here and the stars of Melodifestivalen 2017 have plenty of fresh new tunes for us to listen to as we enjoy those long hot days. Let’s check out the newest releases from the stars we last heard from earlier this year at Friends Arena.

FO&O – “So So Good”

Following up their Melfest debut as a three-piece, the boyband formerly known as The Fooo Conspiracy have new single “So So Good”. And it’s a banger. The song is a tale of a complicated relationship, a sign that FO&O have naturally moved on from the teen pop of the Fooo years.

The single also appears on the trio’s new self-titled album. It contains their Melfest 2017 entry “Gotta Thing About You”, as well as recent Fooo Conspiracy singles “My Girl”, “Summer Love” and “Who Doesn’t Love Love”. The 15 tracks show off FO&O vocal talents and pop craftsmanship. They might have lost a member last year, but it hasn’t diminished their raw pop firepower.

Benjamin Ingrosso – “Do You Think About Me”

Following the success of his Melfest entry “Good Lovin'”, Benjamin Ingrosso continues with his Scandi-Timberlake sound on “Do You Think About Me”. It’s a smooth piece of R&B pop with modern electronic styles. B. Ingrosso’s voice is smooth and silky and he delivers a perfect summer groove.

Lisa Ajax – Collection EP

Two-time Melfest contestant Lisa Ajax has released the Collection EP. As the name suggests, it is a collection of her previous singles, including Melfest entries “My Heart Wants Me Dead” and “I Don’t Give A”. It also contains a new song, opening track “Killer”, in which Lisa delivers a cool slice of moody pop.

Bella & Filippa – “I Think of Yesterday”

Country duo Bella & Filippa have the follow-up single to their Melfest debut, “Crucified”. The stepsisters’ vocal harmonies are on point, bringing sunshine to their lovely country-folk song.

Mariette – “Louder”

Melfest 2015 and 2017 finalist Mariette isn’t keeping quiet with “Louder”, a song of defiance. The sophisticated pop track has Mariette singing of how she won’t let criticism get to her. Her trick is to turn up the music — “I’m gonna play it louder!” Can we get her to DJ at the next Wiwi Jam?

De Vet Du – “Som MJ (Beatörta)”

The lads from Det Vet Du have “Som MJ” (Like MJ), their ode to trying to copy Michael Jackson’s fresh moves, not quite getting it, but feeling like a cool dude anyway. The song has their usual blend of humour and musical sophistication, and it comes with a highly entertaining video. Shamone!

Anton Hagman – From Now On EP

YouTuber turned Melfest star Anton Hagman has released his first EP, From Now On. It consists of four new tracks and if you enjoy his YouTube covers and Melfest song “Kiss You Goodbye”, you’ll enjoy From Now On. Opening track “Somebody to Love” is a bright, modern piece of folky electropop with a terrific chorus, “Crime to Love You” has a cute 1960s style, “Something Good” is a simple, melody-led tune, while “Let Me In” is a stripped back love song.