From LAX to Yerevan: Armenia’s Sirusho flies in Grammy nominated Sebu for “Vuy Aman”


She’s Armenia’s most successful female Eurovision singer. He’s one-half of the Grammy nominated indie pop duo Capital Cities. And together, Sirusho and Sebu Simonian give us “Vuy Aman” (Oh Alas).

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The summer-ready single marks a welcome return to the Sirusho of old. Rather than singing of death and suffering, as she’s done for the past three years, the “Qele Qele” hitmaker is embracing her inner pop diva once more. Hurrah!

But unlike 2008, the starlet has opted for chilled-out beats over frenetic dance-pop.

And while the bilingual track is free from war references, the subject matter isn’t completely painless. Sebu opens, mournfully singing “I board a jumbo plane at LAX, one way ticket to Yerevan. She picks me up at Zvartnots. What’s next?”.

Writing on Instagram, Los Angeles based Simonian explains the meaning behind the lyrics — “It’s about the complexities of a passionate pan-national relationship”.

The Armenian chorus “vuy, vuy, vuy, vuy, vuy, aman” carries a bittersweet yet invigorating chime. As Sebu says, “From LAX to EVN with the top down and the speakers up”.

Sirusho joins in for the second verse with plans to run away “Let’s escape and hide in Saghmosavanq”.

The turmoil is real, as the drama slowly cranks up. The back and forth frisson between the pair is palpable. “Are you taking me for granted? No I’m not, this isn’t easy… Please believe we’re the same forced to play the game of shame I can’t tame my feelings tonight I’m feeling alive I wanna hold you – Hold me tight – in the light of the morning sun”.

The end result is a sad dance-along song — because despite the lyrics, those beats are taking us straight to the dance floor.

Sirusho feat. Sebu “Vuy Aman” (Lyrics Vidio)

Sebu Simonian is part of the American indie-pop duo Capital Cities. The group formed in 2010, scoring their biggest hit with “Safe And Sound” in 2013. The song charted worldwide, was nominated for a Grammy and won a MTV VMA.

Capital Cities “Safe And Sound” (Official Music Video)

Meanwhile, Sirusho should need no introduction. And if she does, you really should go educate and watch her fourth place Eurovision 2008 performance. Do it. Now!

Sirusho “Qele Qele” (Armenia Eurovision 2008)

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