Loreen teams with Elliphant on new single “Jungle”…as she prepares BMG album release


Loreen has taken us on a journey this year. From the emotionally charged “Statements” at Melodifestivalen to the breathy trip-hop “Body” in July, she’s kept the experiments coming. And today her evolution continues with the release of “Jungle”. 

The track is one of many to come. Loreen has partnered with BMG to release her EP, Nude, on August 25. The partnership will then continue with a full album set for release in November.

We waited two years for new music from Loreen. Now she’s flooding us with it!

Loreen ft. Elliphant — “Jungle”

Whilst “Body” seems to take its downtempo influence from the 90s, “Jungle” goes in a slightly different direction. Reggae dominates here and the sound conjures M.I.A.’s earlier albums, Arular and Kala.

Swedish rapper Elliphant lends a welcome hand, especially for those looking for less “mumble” in the vocals. Once again it’s almost impossible to work out exactly what Loreen is singing on first listen.

If this is a new singing style Loreen is trying to drive home, that’s fine. Good for her. But it’s also very distracting. You end up trying to decipher syllables rather than enjoying the music. Perhaps that’s the idea — to teach us to just listen to the track.

But unfortunately, when you’ve heard tracks like this before, it doesn’t really work. The song is good, but nothing special. It’s on-brand for Loreen right now (and we’ll expect the EP to be similar), but her vocals were one of the best parts of 2012’s “Heal”. We’ll see if her upcoming album returns to that.

New album and singles

Nude releases in two weeks, but that’s not the only reason Loreen has been in the recording studio. As part of her partnership with BMG, Loreen is also releasing a full album by the end of the year.

That album’s unknown lead single will be released on September 22. The album itself is currently due on November 17, but that date is not yet 100% confirmed.

In a statement, Loreen explains why she’s moving on with BMG:

“For me, 2017 was about establishing a sense of independence and channelling it into a new and exciting direction for my music. I really connected with BMG’s mission to support independent artists in a transparent way, but also keeping their creative interests close. When I presented them my vision for the future there was an immediate click and I am really excited to begin this journey between our teams.”

It’s certainly exciting times for Loreen fans before the end of the year!

What do you think of “Jungle”? Are you looking forward to the new EP and album? Let us know all your thoughts in the comments section below.

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