Lena features in GENETIKK’s German rap song “Lang lebe die Gang”


She’s the Eurovision 2010 winner who transformed from sweet girl-next-door into sexy vixen for her return in 2011.

And earlier this week Lena Meyer-Landrut lived up to her reputation as a musical chameleon with the release of “Lang lebe die Gang” (Long Live the Gang) — her collaboration with the popular German hip-hop act GENETIKK.

The dark song will appear on the soundtrack for the Netflix series “Marvel’s The Defenders”.

The dark rap charts the ups and the downs of life in a gang, and suggests that members wear masks to reveal their true selves. It’s a new direction for Lena, a former judge on The Voice Kids and the winner of our Top Tracks of 2015. A song that references the highs of being in a gang was sure to draw criticism. But Lena is challenging herself and playing with her musical style — and for that we definitely applaud her.

Lena also embraces another dimension that fans have been longing for: She sings in German. The “Satellite” singer started that journey earlier this year on the VOX show “Sing meinen Song” (Sing my Song), where artists from Germany cover each other’s songs. Lena has always told her fans and the press that she feels more comfortable singing in English. But now things are changing as the superstar has finally answered the prayers of her fans.

The song also marks a change for Genetikk. In a recent radio-interview, lead-singer Sikk said that in the USA collabs between artists from different genres are normal, but in Germany they are still a red flag.

Lena’s bright voice lightens the dark rap in “Lang lebe die Gang”and gives the song a different touch. The idea of the collaboration came from the producer of the Netflix series. As Lena has said: “The different characters in The Defenders don’t really work out together, and that’s why it was a good idea to bring two different pieces of music together that usually would not fit.”

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