Eurovision games: Guess the star (Episode 1)


Summer is over and it’s back to school and back to work. But don’t be sad: September also means that the Eurovision 2018 season is in full swing.

Hoping to keep the fun going and the Euro-spirit alive even as temperatures drop, William and Deban recently met up for a game of “Guess the Star” where we assign the other a Eurovision identity, which they then have to guess.

As you can see in our first episode below, it’s not always easy to deduce your identity. Asking good questions — gender, year, details of stage performance — is a first step to unlocking who you are.

Eurovision games: Guess the Star

We’ve got more episodes coming your way.

But if you’re still itching for something to do, why not check out our Eurovision charades playlist below?

It’s another game of guessing….just without any words.

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