Maraaya release “Diamond Duck” — and become the first Slovenian act to sign with Warner Music


Maraaya have become the first act from Slovenia to sign with Warner Music — one of the world’s biggest record labels.

And on Friday they celebrated the news with the release of “Diamond Duck” — a quirky, toe-tapping track that gives the animal’s famous quack their signature electro-dance treatment.

The amusing song masks some serious social critique. Speaking exclusively to wiwibloggs, Raay — one-half of the power-house duo — said:

“It represents the modern world — lust for things that we actually don’t need. But the main message of the song is that love is the only value that matters.”

Indeed, that message comes through in the lyrics, which once again demonstrate the pair’s ability to work the English tongue.

“For the sake of a dollar we lie, cheat and holler,” Marjetka sings. “We just want to have it all. This old world we live in is about to give in to the shiny diamond duck. Baby we’re each other’s luck, we don’t need the diamond duck, all we need is just a little love.”

The “Diamond Duck” is, no doubt, a thinly veiled reference to the perma-tanned American president Donald Trump, whose value system and penchant for mouthing off on social media has left many aghast.

Curiously, his wife Melania Trump hails from Slovenia. At the end of August she (in)famously wore a pair of expensive stilettos when visiting flood-ravaged Houston.

“Even though we think it’s really cool that the first lady of America is from Slovenia, we don’t relate to her at all…it’s the complete opposite of the message this song is trying to get across. No offence though.”

Earlier today the Eurovision 2015 duo, who are also husband-and-wife, couldn’t hide their excitement when unveiling the music video, which comes filled with adorable cartoon bubbles and emoji signs.

“IT’S HERE!” they wrote in all caps on Facebook, along with a series of smiling and kissing face emojis. “To us DIAMOND DUCK is not just a song….it’s our musical tipping point and confirmation that you CAN get noticed and get your chance — no matter where you come from.”

“DIAMOND DUCK is our ticket that opened the door to the ‘worldwide musical lottery’. We were brave enough to make a pretty ‘whacky’ song and a video with a socially critical message. We hope you carry your message around the WHOLE WORLD – Good luck, our duck. #diamondduck”.

The duo teased today’s release on Wednesday, describing their rise from local talent to Warner signees as “a fairytale”.

“We can finally say it out loud!” they wrote on Facebook. “This Friday is going to be the most important day in our music careers — actually, this Friday is going to be like a fairytale.”

Their success hasn’t come over night. As they explained on Facbeook, “Diamond Duck” is Raay’s 341st song.

“Hard work pays off,” they wrote. “In the end, all the obstacles in the path mean nothing when you get to moments like these. A MASSIVE ‘thank you’ to everyone who are by our sides at all times.”

To thank their fans, Maraaya are kindly sending wiwibloggs a pair of prizes which we’ll be giving away to two of our lucky readers. Stay tuned to find out how YOU can win…

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