Belarus: NAVIBAND celebrate ritual Kupala Night in “Biazy” music video


When it comes to Eurovision 2017, they’re remembered for their folk song, their flying boat and that sweet kiss.

And over the summer NAVIBAND — the duo consisting of Ksienija and Arciom — returned to their native Belarus, where they’ve watched their fortunes rise higher than ever as a result.

They sang at a series of gigs, including a special concert in Jurmala where they rubbed shoulders with other Eurovision stars including Justs, Aminata and Natalya Podolskaya. And they also became the face of Coca-Cola, recording the very first Belarusian commercial for the company, featuring their adaptation of “Taste the Feeling”. Their upbeat sound and endless optimism fit well with Coke’s happy-and-bright branding.

On September 12 NAVIBAND showed us yet another flavour, releasing the mysterious and spiritual video for Biazy”, which is included on their latest album “Illuminatsiya”.

The video sees Ksienija and Arciom celebrate the ritual Kupala Night, which takes place during the night between the 6th and 7th of July every year. Many Slavic people practice certain rituals during this period meant to purify them, test their faith and potentially light the flame of love.

In the opening scene Ksienija and friends perform one such ritual: weaving flowers, including the fern, into a crown as a symbol of a blooming relationship. They’re surrounded by the forest — reminiscent of the music video for “Historiya majho zyccia” — and the girls cross a huge lake with a small wooden boat.

And where is Arciom? He enters walking with a branch which is on fire before Ksenija joins him. The two walk to a bonfire in the middle of the field where they sing to each other while holding hands. A group of revellers dance around them and the fire.

NAVIBAND, the only Belarusian act ever to sing in Belarusian at Eurovision, have proved yet again that they’re strong advocates of Belarusian culture. We can’t wait to see how they showcase Belarus next!

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