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It’s the news many Junior Eurovision fans have been waiting for. For the first time, a teenager will host this year’s contest in Georgia. And of course, it had to be the one and only Lizi Pop!

After entering Junior Eurovision 2014 at just ten years old, Miss Pop — real name Lizi Japaridze — has barely left the spotlight. Now 13, she’ll be taking to the stage of JESC once more in Tblisi, but this time, as host. She’s joined in the role by singer and presenter, Helen Kalandadze.

Helen has her own Eurovision past to boot. In 2010, she performed as backing singer for Sofia Nizharadze’s “Shine” in Oslo. Helen also won the 2013 edition of Georgia’s Your Face Sounds Familiar.

Not only that, but she’s also actively involved in helping children get in to music. She co-founded the “Teen Club Studio” in Georgia, which provides a place for teenagers to practice instruments and vocals.

But to be honest, we’re mostly excited about Lizi! Last year’s Junior Eurovision was viewed by many as a letdown. The hosts in particular came across poorly.

After the contest, we suggested in our video below that Lizi should host this year’s contest. Well now our prayers have been answered.

As we’ve seen in our interviews with Lizi, she’s obviously fluent in English. But not only that, she’s also fluent in Russian, French and her native Georgian — and now she’s learning Spanish! This girl works hard and it’s all paying off.

Lizi has continued to release music since her 2014 entry, “Happy Day”. In fact, she even worked with our very own Deban on the track “Our Future”!

Are you excited to see Lizi and Helen host this year’s contest? Do you think having a child host the show is a good idea? Let us know all your thoughts in the comments section below! And check out our very first interview with young Lizi below.

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13 Comments on "Happy day! Lizi Pop and Helen Kalandadze to host Junior Eurovision 2017"

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Sophia Stedman

I just really hope she doesn’t sing Happy Day. I just can’t stand it for some reason.

Álex, from Spain

So happy to see her again!


Me too! 😀

Boy From Macedonia

Actually, it’s the third time when teen boy/girl hosted the show.

1.Iona Ivan (JESC 2006)
2.Dmytro Borodin (JESC 2009) – Green Room

And Lizi Pop will be the third teen who will host thet show.

Bjorn van der Veen

Its not the very first time jesc will be hosted by teenager.
The 2006 edition in romania was hosted by teen lady!


i think we all knew lizi would play a part somehow lol happy day is a total bop tho


Lizi invented BOPs
Taylor Swift who?
Igloo who?


I was expecting Nina Sublatti with a Halloween-kind-of-party.


JESC is in November tho ? (smiley face emoticon)

Ariso Light

Yay! It’s about time a teenager hosted the contest! 🙂


Last time I checked Wikipedia, Lizi Japaridze was born in September 2003; that would make her 14.