Australia: Isabella Clarke releases Junior Eurovision 2017 entry “Speak Up”


She comes from a land down under and she’s packing her bags for Tbilisi and is ready to slay. Isabella Clarke, the artist representing Australia at Junior Eurovision 2017 has revealed her entry “Speak Up”. It’s an upbeat pop anthem about the youth of the world having a voice. In Australia’s third attempt at Junior Eurovision, does Isabella have what it takes to go to the top of the scoreboard?

Isabella Clarke “Speak Up” (Official music video)

As the title would suggest, “Speak Up” is a powerful anthem of resilience, confidence and having the courage to speak your mind at a young age. Isabella sings “Don’t blame it on my youth, I’m gonna speak the truth.” Isabella, you slay!

The music video takes place in a suburban Melbourne school and was shot in one continuous take. Isabella struts her stuff through the classrooms, hallways and playgrounds, complete with pom-poms, makeshift beds, and dozens of backing dancers. Isabella does a phenomenal job at keeping up with the dancers whilst belting out her song. The amount of rehearsing this must have taken is commendable.

And, as any great Eurovision entry has, the song rounds out with an epic key change in the last chorus. Isabella joins her dancing friends who are all waving the flags of countries scattered throughout Europe – symbolising unity and peace amongst young people all over the world.

The Eurovision fandom on social media were quick to praise Australia’s entry for JESC 2017:

Last month the ABC confirmed Isabella Clarke as Australia’s act for its appearance at Eurovision 2017. Isabella is a 13-year-old singer from Melbourne. She’s known for her  powerful voice and sassy stage presence, and has experience performing in large concerts as well as more intimate venues.

What do you think? Does Isabella Clarke give you the inspiration to stand up and speak your mind? Sound off in the comments section below!