Lover in the desert! Armenia’s Tamar Kaprelian to portray gypsy-esque wanderer in “Noubari Boye” music video


She’s the American-born singer with deep and ever-lasting roots in Armenia. And with the release of her “Noubari Boye” lyric video, Tamar Kaprelian is once again proving that those roots give fruit — and rather delicious fruit at that.

Among the most well-known of all Armenian folk songs, “Noubari Boye” translates as “Noubar’s height” — and that’s because the singer is meant to know everything about her mister.

“Noubar is the name of the lover that the beloved is singing about,” Tamar tells wiwibloggs in an exclusive interview. “And the lyrics describe his features — his height, his eyes and his eyebrows.”

“Noubari Boye” lyric video

Tamar knows a thing or two about love. One year ago she married her long-term partner Chris Stang at a stunning ceremony in Honfleur, in northern France’s storied region of Normandy.

Her Armenian heritage is central to who she is, and, as she told Vogue, she made sure that came through at her wedding, even as if was held en France: “We flew an incredible Bishop in from Armenia, Bishop Bagrat Galstanyan, who really made our ceremony special with his warmth and humor.”

That background may explain why Tamar seems so at ease singing this Armenian love song — even if it was quite a daunting proposition.

“Covering a classic song is always intimidating as the artist reinterpreting the material,” she tells us. “I have to ask myself — what can I bring to the song that is fresh? How can I modernize something while still keeping the essence of what people love?”

The answer stems partly from patience and getting into the groove without straining.

“DerHova  — my collaborator and producer — chose a song that had not been covered recently or frequently. And we took our time with the production, the mixing, the vocals. We wanted to make sure that it was done right.”

“This song is important because it is the first Armenian song that I released solo and so the stakes were high.”

“That said, the feedback has been very positive! People seem to be relating to our version and that has made me happy.”

Tamar, the winner of Eurovision’s Next Top Model 2015, has already shot the music video, which she’s teased with stunning images and videos on Instagram.

And while you’ll have to wait just a little bit longer for the video, Tamar gave us a taste of what you can expect.

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“Prior to going to Armenia this last time, I spent 10 days in Israel,” she says. “And when I arrived to Armenia, I was inspired and affected by my time spent in that country so that for this video and photoshoot, I wanted to do something different — I wanted to assume a character — a gypsy-esque wanderer looking for her lover in the desert.”

It may be hot in the desert, but Tamar is definitely turning up the heat. As you can see in the shot above, she found her light and worked her angles with aplomb. Wearing minimal make-up, she let her natural beauty shine — like a flair shooting up into the sky and over the sand dunes. Noubari may be lost, but surely Tamar can lead him home.

Are you excited to see Tamar’s forthcoming music video? And what do you think of her voice on this tune? Would you like to see Tamar return to Eurovision as a solo act? Let us know in the comments box below.

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