Sun gets down! Moldova’s SunStroke Project bring back summer in festive new video


After a glorious summer in which they got to bask in their epic Eurovision success, Moldova‘s favourite trio SunStroke Project have decided to bring back the heat with their funky new single “Sun Gets Down”. And we’re loving every second of it!

Although the song is not exactly new — the band even performed it at the Euroclub in Kyiv — it has a brand new video with a fresh, positive vibe. A group of curious kids take a peek from behind giant town gates. On the other side is a full-blown Moldovan mardi gras, complete with festive dancers, smiling people and yes — the indefatigable Epic Sax Guy. In full harmony with the upbeat music, the video is full of colour and joy — now a SunStroke Project signature.

Epic year for SunStroke Project

The popular Moldovan trio, composed of singer Sergey Ialovitsky, songwriter and “Epic Violin Guy” Anton Ragoza and Epic Sax Guy Sergey Stepanov, enjoyed a triumphant return to Moldova after finishing in a surprising third place on the Grand Final scoreboard in Kyiv with “Hey Mamma”. Even president Igor Dodon praised the band, awarding them the country’s “Order of Honour”. Throughout the summer, they also performed at Amsterdam Pride, on the Eurovision Cruise and in various venues throughout Europe, from Turkey to France and from Estonia to Italy. Unsurprisingly, perhaps, they also won our very own Vision Music Award for Biggest Surprise — and in a landslide. 2017 seems to be the year of the epic SunStroke Project!

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