Spain’s Operación Triunfo begins tonight — here’s all you need to know about the potential Eurovision selection


It’s happening. Operación Triunfo returns to Spanish TV screens tonight and WE CAN’T WAIT. The show that brought Spain to their highest heights at Eurovision this century (that’s three top 10 finishes) airs tonight on TVE sixteen years after its first edition.

Rosa, Beth, Ramón, Soraya and Edurne are all OT veterans. And while they’ve had mixed luck at the contest, their mega-watt star quality is a reminder of OT’s immense influence in the music industry. If OT is indeed Spain’s selection method for Eurovision 2018 (not yet confirmed), then it will be great fun to watch. Here’s all you need to know before the hopefuls enter the academy…

When is it?

It airs tonight at 22:10 CET, and, according to La 1’s schedule, it will finish by 00:50 CET. The programme is set to air on Mondays, but we’re talking about RTVE — the network known to pull shows before their season is up if they aren’t performing well. Everything can change.

Where can I watch?

It will air on La 1, TVE’s main channel. You can also watch the live stream via RTVE’s website by clicking here.

And why should I spend my evening watching it?

It should be entertaining — after all, it comes to you from the land of Euro-drama! Plus RTVE has been hyping the show for months. And Toñi Prieto has little to do with it, which could be a wonderful thing.

The show is RTVE’s main highlight of the year, so it’s hard to believe that they would undercook this. The broadcaster has been riding on its OT momentum since last year, when it aired a multi-part documentary and staged a live concert that smashed the ratings.

We expect at least one “Despacito” moment, a Mariah Carey-like voice and a certain amount of drama. Basically, you should like it if you’re into talent shows — this is the same, but in Spanish, and with more attitude.

But will it be Spain’s selection method for Eurovision 2018?

That’s the elephant in the room. It’s not something RTVE has confirmed, although many sources within the show’s production team and the broadcaster itself have said that’s a possibility.

As we’ve said many times before, it will probably depend on how the show does. If it’s a ratings success, then we’re pretty sure one of the contestants will compete at Eurovision 2018 in Lisbon. And if it’s not, well… Objetivo Eurovisión 2018 will be happening again. Sigh.

That’s all we know so far. In a few hours, Operación Triunfo will be back on RTVE. We’re actually hoping it’s a success: at least Spain will have a decently produced show as a selection for Lisbon. Fingers crossed!

¡Por fin! Spain’s Operación Triunfo is finally back on October 23