LISTEN: Moldova’s Sasha Bognibov wants to bring “Love” to Eurovision


Broadcaster TRM is yet to officially confirm Moldova‘s participation at Eurovision 2018, but thanks to the success of SunStroke Project in Kyiv, it’s pretty much a given. Also a given is that Sasha Bognibov will submit a song to the national selection O melodie pentru Europa: “Love” marks the brooding artist’s 18th attempt to represent his country at the Eurovision Song Contest.

Marking a departure from his past as a lover of 13-year olds (and we mean literally: “I Love The Girls Of 13 Years Old”) and as a political dissident (when he tried to “Stop The Liars”), he returns to the romantic soul that he’s gotten us used to (we’re looking at you, “Wounded Swan”). And now Sasha Bognibov shows us how much he has evolved musically.

The alternative rock track “Love” wouldn’t have sounded out of place on a Placebo album. Granted, 15 years ago, but still, it’s a genuinely praiseworthy effort. From the instrumentals to the vocal rendition and the lyrics,  “Love” is a beautiful, angsty, haunting anthem that demands repeat listen. “Every boy and every girl, Every animal and plant, Everybody in the world, We are waiting for your love,” Sasha cries out, and we couldn’t agree more.

Hopefully, love is what Moldova’s national jury will also give Sasha Bognibov, because if ever there was a year when he deserved to advance to the live stages of the national selection, this is it. Pending a flawless live performance at the auditions and a positive attitude towards the judging panel, we can hope that the misunderstood and often ridiculed singer will finally catch a break. After 17 attempts, Sasha most certainly deserves it.

Update: Sasha Bognibov promoted his song on ProTV Moldova. Unfortunately it’s not live singing per se, but Sasha’s performance is still a spectacle, as always. Enjoy!

What do you think about Sasha Bognibov’s latest attempt to impress the O melodie pentru Europa jury? Is “Love” going to make it to the semi-finals? Let us know in the comments!