Finland: YLE received over 300 entries for scrapped national final format


Yesterday Finnish broadcaster YLE confirmed that Saara Aalto had been internally selected as Finland’s act for Eurovision 2018. But it has left fans wondering: what happened to all the entries sent into Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu?

Earlier in the year, YLE launched the 2018 edition of its national final Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu (UMK). Entries were accepted in the first week of September. Up until yesterday’s announcement, there was no reason to suspect that anything with the national final would be different this time.

Later in September, UMK posted a pic of a hard drive to their social media accounts. It contained, they said, all the entries received for UMK 2018. UMK thanked all artists for their submissions and promised that all would be contacted by the end of September.

But with the internal selection of Saara Aalto, it seems the only message these artists received was a “no, thanks”.

Fan @os_esc was wondering what happened to all the entries and put the question to UMK on Twitter.

The broadcaster revealed that they had received over 300 songs. They noted that “the applicants are free to publish their work and some most likely have already published it by themselves.”

The issue was also addressed in a FAQ on the YLE website. The YLE says that they ran the open submission for UMK 2018 to “give everyone an equal opportunity to participate”. However, the broadcaster wasn’t happy with the entries received.

YLE noted that Finnish viewers expect big stars in the competition, and evidently the submissions for UMK 2018 did not measure up. Specifically, YLE said, “there were no suitable candidates for the search”. Ouch!

Wanting to avoid a fourth year of non-qualification, YLE took the opportunity to revamp the national selection.

But while things will be very different this year — UMK 2018 viewers will choose one of three songs performed by Saara Aalto — it won’t be like this every year.

The broadcaster says that they are open to the national final being developed. One potential option may be to take inspiration from Melodifestivalen and have 50% established artists and 50% new artists.

In the meantime, there are now 300 Finnish pop songs ready to be unleashed on the world of music. Some of these artists may wish to take their chances with San Marino’s new open national final. However, to date, no artists from Finland have entered 1 In 360.

What do you think? What should happen with the unwanted UMK entries? Should they go to San Marino? Share your thoughts below!


 Photo: YLE/Mikka Varila