Greece: Media names the five acts selected for the Greek national final


From Eurovision glory in the 2000s, in recent years Greece has struggled to match its past form. Now it seems that Greek broadcaster ERT is one step closer to selecting its act for Lisbon. Greek media reports that ERT has selected the five finalists who will compete at the Greek national final early next year.

Perhaps inspired by the win of the non-English “Amar pelos dois”, ERT is keeping things Greek for its 2018 national selection. Earlier in the year, the broadcaster contacted record labels asking for submissions that were exclusively in Greek with a Greek sound. And now it seems ERT has shortlisted five acts that could do Greece proud in Lisbon.

However, it is reported that before the five acts will make it to the national final, their record companies must first guarantee ERT that it can cover the costs of Greece’s Eurovision participation.

All that is known so far is the artists’ names and their song titles. Songs are expected to be revealed at a later date. But until then, let’s get to know the five acts.

Areti Ketime – “Min Xechnás Ton Ílio” (Don’t Forget the Sun)

Areti has a background in singing traditional Greek songs. Having sung at the opening ceremony of the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens as a teenager, Areti now has over ten years experience in the music industry. Dimitris Karras, the composer of her 2018 national final submission, states that the song combines both Greek and Balkan elements, and also has a strong social message: “It is generally divided in choral character, Balkan orchestration with Greek rhythm and social lyrics”. Here’s an earlier performance from Areti, her duet with Giorgos Alkaiis on “Ama den se do”:

Chorostalites – “Apó tin Thráki os tin Kríti” (From Thrace to Crete)

The Chorostalites are a six-piece group that specialises in traditional Greek music. They formed in 2013 and say “we make our own new steps on old paths!” The group is composed of Vassilis Messaritakis (vocals, percussion, tsampouna) Fani Fotopoulos (vocals, clarinet, flute, bouzouki, trumpet) Tasos Goustes (vocals, violin, mandolin), Ritsa Posiou (vocals), Konstantina Patsi (vocals, santouri) and Nikola Boutsis (vocals, lute, guitar). Here’s an earlier performance from Chorostalites, a live performance showing the group at work:

Duo Fina – “Ídio Témpo” (Same Tempo)

Duo Fina are the twin brothers Yiannis and Takis Finas. The brothers are tenors and pianists and are well known for their humorous performances. Earlier this year they hosted a self-named television show that quizzed children on their knowledge of classical and contemporary music. Here’s a live performance of the Duo Fina brothers, showing their humorous style:

Gianna Terzi – “T’ Óneiró Mou” (My Dream)

Gianna Terzi is the daughter of acclaimed Greek singer Paschalis Terzis. She launched her solo career in 2005 and was especially active in the 2000s. She is known for her singles “Tetoia Gynaika” (“Such a woman”) and “Pou kai Pou” (“Now and then”). Here’s an earlier video from Gianna, her 2006 single “Tetoia Gynaika”:

Tony Vlachos – “Baila Jazz”

Tony Vlachos is a jazz singer who appeared on the 2016/2017 season of The Voice of Greece. He wowed judges with his energetic audition of “Unchain My Heart” but he didn’t last long in the contest. Tony was knocked out in the first live show, where he lost his Battle Round performance. Here’s an earlier performance from Tony, his The Voice of Greece audition.

Further details of the Greek national final have not been confirmed, but it is expected the final will be held by the end of February 2018.

What do you think? Who would you like to see represent Greece in Lisbon? Can any of these acts give Greece a second Eurovision win? Sound off below!