Greek drama! ERT disqualifies two shortlisted acts for not meeting entry criteria


The finalists competing in Greece‘s upcoming national final haven’t been publicly confirmed, but already there’s drama behind the scenes. Greek media is reporting that broadcaster ERT has disqualified two of the five acts shortlisted for the final.

Last week Greek media revealed the names of the five acts said to have been shortlisted to compete in the Greek national final. But now that list has shrunk to just three names.

Two acts were disqualified because their songs did not meet the entry requirements. This year, broadcaster ERT specifically required that songs must have Greek lyrics and be in a Greek musical style. Among the top five were two songs with Greek lyrics but a decidedly non-Greek musical style.

The two songs were Duo Fina‘s popera song “Idio Tempo” (Same Tempo) and Tony Vlahos‘ jazz number “Baila Jazz”.

While the organising committee reportedly did not want to disqualify these two acts, they felt they had no choice but to follow the competition rules.

Greek news website Newsit.GR notes that as Duo Fina have an existing relationship with ERT, it is a bold step for ERT to disqualify the Finas brothers. It is, Newsit.GR says, evidence that ERT is determined to operate objectively as a public broadcaster.

The disqualification leaves only three songs left in the national final: Areti Ketime with “Min ksehnas ton ilio” (Don’t forget the sun), Chorostalites with “Apo tin Thraki os tin Kriti” (From Thrace to Crete) and Gianna Terzi with “To oneiro mou” (My dream).

The broadcaster will now meet with the respective record labels of the three remaining artists. ERT will ensure that each singer and their record company is in a position to compete at Eurovision 2018. If none of the acts are able to meet these requirements, the broadcaster will look elsewhere for its act for Lisbon.

It is expected that confirmed details of Greece’s national final will be released in early December.

What do you think? Should ERT have disqualified these acts? Should Greece cancel its national final and internally select an act for Lisbon? Share your thoughts below!