Spain’s Ruth Lorenzo to Operación Triunfo acts: “Go to Eurovision but with something you believe in”


Ruth Lorenzo, the Spanish diva who brought back Spain to the top ten at Eurovision 2014, has also followed the same footsteps as Manel Navarro. She recently stopped by the Academy of Operación Triunfo to say hello and share her wisdom with the young singers.

Being one of Spain’s current biggest music stars, her visit meant for the young artists a perfect chance to meet success and Eurovision – again.

But as with Manel a couple of weeks ago, the Spanish songstress was also seeking answers to one very specific question. She wanted to know how the OT acts felt about Eurovision.

Ruth Lorenzo visits the Academy

“Don’t listen to the ones wanting to kill your dreams,” kicked off Ruth Lorenzo. “They deserve love, but they don’t deserve your time.”

With such a powerful quote, Ruth kicked her visit by giving the OT cast proper doses of motivation and strength. And what a decisive confidence boost she offered!

Ruth continued, “You have to simply be. And be always true to yourself. Life is difficult but we already know that. Some mean people would say to you that the world is completely screwed. But it’s beautiful too. I decide to stay in the reality of me being able to try changing the world.”

“And that’s why music is magic. Because you have the power of reaching people while being yourself,” she continued. “I’ve never passed much further than the third casting of Operación Triunfo back in the early years. You may leave next week or win the whole show. But the most important things are what you believe in, and keep on working.”

Ruth and the OT contestants on Eurovision

After such an indispensable advice-giving moment in the Academy, Ruth asked them in a flash, “So, what about Eurovision?”

They all agreed that they were keen to hit that stage!

But, when going further about Ruth’s experience at Eurovision, the Spanish singer also did spill the tea. “It was amazing but hard,” she said. “We worked a lot – both Dani my manager and me. Even then, some problems can occur. There’s scenography — you can or can’t do that — but remember to be always tight with the technical team.”  She continued, “lights, screens, staging. Stepping onto that stage feels like being inside the environment.”

Ruth also explained, “that’s also why it’s really important that when you step on the stage, there’s nothing else needed. If you are true to yourself and know where you are, and respect and love that place, filling it with honesty. “You also fill that stage,” she shared,  “and you don’t need anything else.”

On whether she would recommend Eurovision, she’s absolutely screaming YES! However, she said it’s only worth doing if you’re going to do something that you love and you believe in.

Having had a blast with the remaining acts, her visit couldn’t have ended in a better way — with singing! The contestants performed for Ruth their version of the beloved ESC 1973 hit – “Eres Tu“. And it became the opening uber of last Monday’s show!

Ruth Lorenzo performs “Good Girls Don’t Lie” in Operación Triunfo’s #Gala4

It was also time for Ruth to get up on stage and work it with a performance of her new single “Good Girls Don’t Lie”. Wearing a fierce red dress and a ferocious look, Ruth served pure Latin slayage on the main stage.

From her vocals to her attitude, the performance was explosive from the very first second it started. Savage glances, rock rhythms and a voice that flows, Ruth proved again how you really take it to church and back, honey!

Ruth also demonstrated a new talent — her ability to bend all the way back while still delivering powerful vocals. We’re not sure how she did it, but we’re impressed! She’s a woman of many virtues.

El Chat – Eurovision Edition

Last Monday’s oh-so-famous chat, in which fans and contestants can interact after the show, was a dedicated to Eurovision. And nobody wanted to miss this party — not even Ruth Lorenzo!

Costumes, singing, challenges, gossip — both teachers and contestants had a great time celebrating Eurovision. Even our Spanish Queen Ruth did an acapella of her 2014 hit “Dancing in the Rain”.

During the chat session, a fan asked Ruth if she would like any of the OT acts to be the next representative of Spain in Lisbon. Ruth had no doubt about it and she absolutely says YAY! “I think all of them are very qualified and ready to go. Even more, having the amazing teachers they currently have,” she said.”

Ruth has just announced the first tour dates of her upcoming The Lovaholic Tour. Starting on March 17 in Palma de Mallorca, Ruth will be travelling around Spain presenting her new album. All you party people can check all the tour dates and tickets here.

But what do you think? Would you like any of the OT acts to represent Spain in Lisbon? And would you like to see Ruth Lorenzo coming back? Let us know below!