She’s the singer who represented Poland in the Eurovision Song Contest 2009 in Moscow with the ballad “I Don’t Wanna Leave“.

Despite her lovely voice and turned-out look, she only placed twelfth in the semi-final and had no choice but to leave, missing out on the grand final.

And now, eight years later, Lidia Kopania has made it clear that she’s considering a return to the competition in a wide-ranging interview with Wideoportal.

Lidia Kopania interview

“I’ve got some career plans, I’ve got lots of them,” the 39-year-old says. “The other day I got an offer from Sweden to record some new tracks…I was amazed, like, ‘How come?’ Someone could recall me [from Eurovision] because often these are the authors of Eurovision songs and I was surprised they actually remembered me.”

“I got to choose from a lot of really wonderful songs and I had the great problem to choose three that I decided to record…I am really satisfied with these recordings. I am waiting for the mixes, because everything will be done in Sweden. I just recorded vocal parts here in Poland.”

Asked if she would submit any of those songs for the Polish national selection, the Koluszki-born beauty said: “We’ll see. I have taken that into consideration. Maybe I will submit. We’ll see what my final ‘product’ will look like.”

Kopania cherishes memories of her time participating in Europe’s favourite music festival.

“It truly is an amazing adventure. It is cool because it has a wider meaning, that it is not just, like local, our Polish scene. It is international and you can present yourself to a wider public.”

She admitted that she sometimes misses the emotions she felt when she won the Polish national selection and when she performed in Moscow, “I had an opportunity to hear some good songs, and that is what I long for.”

“Of course, the adrenaline is incredible, in such a situation, and it can be addictive. When you step on such a high level in the music market and experience such a level of adrenaline, and then you go to less important events, well, you feel like there is something missing.”

“But well, you need to function in every reality — the one that is more spectacular and the one that is less. All of that is life. It is important, it is necessary, it is needed. Diversity is cool.”

Eurovision is still a part of Kopania’s life: “I myself am writing my PhD thesis, which, among other things, pertains to Eurovision.”

“Also I still get concert invitations from really different places, from fan clubs related to Eurovision, all the time. Just like the other offer from Sweden to record some songs.”

What do you think? Do you think that Lidia Kopania should have qualified for the Grand Final back in 2009? Should she be given another chance to represent Poland? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Photo credits: Wideoportal, (EBU)

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I think if she competes again she’ll definitely qualify and get a top 15 result with the televote in the final because of the Polish diaspora.


lay off the collagen, lidia!


No picture? Why?

I’m waiting to hear those songs first before I judge this idea of Kopania returning. Her NQ wasn’t a surprise, although she did a good job. I like her song “Sleep”.


She did a Great job

In formacje

no no no, no place for no-name artists 😛


You really think any big names will submit? No, they won’t.