Spain’s Barei to Operación Triunfo acts: “Don’t let your dream take away your sleep”


First, Manel Navarro. Second, Ruth Lorenzo. And now Barei!

The 2016 Spanish representative — who brought the fun in Stockholm with her hit “Say Yay” —  has now attended the Operación Triunfo party, visiting the OT acts to give them advice, support and a little bit of Eurovision lovin’.

RTVE is one of the few broadcasters left to reveal their selection method for Eurovision 2018. But with the number of conspicuously Eurovision-related guests on Operación Triunfo, it’s looking more and more like the talent show will somehow be used in Spain’s selection process.

Barei visits the Academy

Barei kicked off her visit by sharing three important rules for living with huge opportunities like OT. “One, have gratitudealways – because there are many people that would like to be in your place as well. And you are all very lucky as I also was with Eurovision. Second, have responsibility. Because with these kinds of opportunities, you have to take them seriously and give all you can do. And third, have relativity. We must give importance to all things: from how big they seem to how little they really are, when comparing them with life.”

As inspirational as she has always been, while being an independent artist, Barei also wanted to tell the young performers, “Don’t let your dream take away your sleep”.

“Lots of times when we want to achieve something, we don’t stop until we’ve achieved it. And we get carried away with everything, with colleagues, not doing things very transparently, with emotions. Lots of times, one dream can make you finish with lots of other things.”

“So one has to really know what is your dream and why. But don’t let this to take away your sleep. Be able to go to bed and calmly sleep.”

Barei also emphasised the importance of family and loved ones and that it was important to not forget them. “A family doesn’t necessarily have to mean your relatives. I think a family is everyone who you choose in your life to be part of your family,” she explained. “But those who are there for your crucial moments, don’t forget them. And give them a call when you need to. Because they’re the ones that will tell you how things really are.”

“I was afraid that Barei could overcome Bárbara [Barei’s real name], but my family helped me to realise it wasn’t that way. So please, don’t let your artistic self eat your own persona.”

Getting deeper on this topic, the Spanish singer also talked about knowing when to call it quits. “Sometimes I’ve said, ‘You’re doing what you’ve always wanted.’ Absolutely, I’m doing what I dreamed when I was 14. I mean, maybe I also want other things — to be a mum, to have children, being a composer, — and at the moment I see Barei overcoming Bárbara. It’s okay to end one aspect of your career. Follow another road in which you can keep building.”

“Because if not, you can end up being your own slave of your own dream. That’s why don’t let your dream take away your sleep”

Barei as an independent artist and Eurovision

For the OT contestants, it has also been an amazing opportunity to meet an independent artist, not signed to a record label. But also the reality of life an as independent artists.

Barei told them, “I’ve been with Universal Music one year. But here I am and it’s okay. Don’t paralyse yourselves if that also happens to you. Nowadays, you have a lot of ways to keep going. There are no longer the same rockstars as before. You have to work harder for yourself now.”

“Absolutely I would love to be signed in a record label. But you have to fit together. If not, they paralyse you. That’s why I recommend you to always be informed and to fight for your rights”. She continued, “But don’t ever forget that you can be absolutely successful being independent. Don’t be afraid of launching your own work alone. Never.”

Barei didn’t really spill the tea on Eurovision. During her visit, she briefly shared her experience in Stockholm. “Some people asked me, how you lived those three minutes while being watched by so many people? Well, I kinda played down. I thought I’m not going to get hysterical or think about failing. If so, I would have not enjoyed it. I thought instead, I will give all my best and have the time of my life. I lost a lot of people, so I compared and I realised that Eurovision was a gift.”


The Spanish singer also performed her latest single “Impulso”, a song created on social media. Barei sent a tweet wondering if anyone was interested in composing a song together. Barei kicked off with the lyric “hoy el miedo me ha pisado los talones (today fear has stepped on my heels)” and supplied he with more lines.

Every Sunday, Barei chose the lyrics from ones fans submitted. And that’s how the Spanish singer managed to make the first ever song done in an interactive way.

But even better — after arranging the melody and naming the song, Barei invited everyone to join her in singing “Impulso”. People all over the world applied for this project. All sales profits go to Anidan Association, while royalties go to Acnur Association.

#Gala5 and Eurovision

On last Monday’s show, we again had Eurovision on the stage.

While OT contestant Agoney gave a respectable performance of Conchita’s “Rise Like a Phoenix”, the whole cast did an amazing rendition “La Revolución Sexual”, which placed third in Spain’s national final for Eurovision 2008.

You can check both performances below:

What do you think about Barei’s visit to the OT Academy? Would you like to see the Spanish singer representing the Iberian country one more time? And what about Operación Triunfo being the Spanish selection process? Let us know below!