Albania: FiK 56 running order sees Elton Deda and Orgesa Zaimi open semi-finals


Grab your party hats, your sparklers and your earplugs — Festivali i Kenges, the first national final of the new season, kicks off on Thursday.

Two weeks ago we got to know the 22 competing songs of FiK 56. It’s a wide-ranging mix of tunes and genres, from both newcomers and returnees (and, indeed, former winners).

And now RTSH has revealed the semi-final allocation and running order, which seems to spread the fan favourites out between the two shows. The first show includes Mariza Ikonomi, Eugent Bushpepa and Manjola Nallbani, while the second show features the likes of Orgesa Zaimi, Inis Neziri and LYNX.

FiK 56: First night running order

1. Elton Deda
2. Mariza Ikonomi
3. Endri & Stefi Prifti
4. Evans Rama
5. David & Genc Tukici
6. Voltan Prodani
7. Eugent Bushpepa
8. Rezarta Smaja & Luis Ejlli
9. Bojken Lako
10. Manjola Nallbani
11. Redon Makashi

FiK 56: Second night running order

1. Orgesa Zaimi
2. Denisa Gjezo
3. Grupi NA & Festina Mezini
4. Lorela Sejdini
5. Artemisa Mithi
6. Ergi Bregu
7. Akullthyesit
8. Xhesika Polo
9. Inis Neziri
10. Tiri Gjoci
11. Grupi Lynx

It’s still unknown how many acts we will see in the FiK final, but according to head of delegation Kleart Duraj, there will be 14 or 16 finalists.

Festivali i Kenges 56: Special guests

This year each night of the competition will include some very special guest performers.

On the first night we’ll see Riccardo Cocciante, the Italian singer who coached Elhaida Dani on The Voice of Italy. He’ll sing a duet with the “I’m Alive” hitmaker.

On the second night producers will welcome Kejsi Tola and Flaka Krelani, who will tackle both worldwide hits and traditional Albanian songs in cooperation with the Kelly Guga Band.

Among the other stars will be beloved divas Adelina Ismaili and Aurela Gace, along with Alban Skenderaj and Elsa Lila.