LISTEN: Feli unveils her Selectia Nationala song “Buna de iubit”


Yesterday, Romania‘s broadcaster TVR revealed that pop star Feli was among the 72 acts for Selectia Nationala 2018.

And today she has shared her song “Buna de iubit” (Good For Loving), from her debut album Eu sunt Feli.

You can listen to “Buna de iubit” here:

The track is an upbeat, happy-go-lucky song about an optimistic girl who is ready for love. The infectious rhythm is punctuated by the the onomatopoeic hook “ay ay ay” — and the tribal instrumentals are giving us life!

Lifted off Feli’s first album Eu sunt Feli (I Am Feli), which was released on 14 November, “Buna de iubit” sounds like the perfect dance track to fight off the plethora of ballads which have inundated Selectia Nationala 2018 so far. And given the talented singer’s unbeatable vocals and star power, we wouldn’t be surprised if this ends up as her — and Romania’s — ticket to Lisbon.

According to our sources, Feli is considering changing the lyrics to English if the song does well, in order to reach as many hearts as possible.

Who is Feli?

Thirty-one year old Feli Donose got her first major break back in 2012, when she was one of the contestants on The Voice of Romania. Although she did not win The Voice of Romania that year, she is arguably the show’s biggest breakout star of all the seasons.

At the time, she was nicknamed “Romania’s Adele” not only because of her raspy voice, but also because she was a bit heavier. Meanwhile, via stomach surgery, Feli shed the extra weight and, in the process, gained even more popularity on Romania’s very demanding — and apparently very shallow — pop music scene.

In 2014, Feli released her first single, “Cine te crezi?” (Who Do You Think You Are?). The R&B track was a major radio hit and cemented her staying power. The success of the song made us choose Feli as one of our dream artists for Eurovision in 2016.

Feli’s biggest hit to date is “Timpul” (Time). In the video, she changed her fiery red mane to a sultry blonde, which she’s stuck to till the present day.

Feli will perform the song “Buna de iubit” in front of the jury tonight. The 60 semi-finalists will be announced two days from now, on Friday 22 December.

What do you think about Feli? Is “Buna de iubit” good for Eurovision? And should she change its lyrics to English? Let us know in the comments!