‘Your favourite San Marino rapper’ IROL wins third wildcard for 1 In 360 national selection


Sammarinese rapper IROL has won the third wildcard position in San Marino’s new national selection 1 In 360. The announcement was made this evening by San Marino’s Eurovision icon Valentina Monetta.

This wildcard was dedicated to San Marino acts. It ensures that there will be at least one local artist performing in San Marino’s national selection.

Valentina broke the news in a short video. In case fans thought she was in the running to make a fifth Eurovision appearance, Val joked, “Don’t worry – it’s not me!” She then confirmed the good news, saying, “I’m very very happy to announce that the Sammarinese finalist to our contest is my great friend IROL!”

This is not the first time IROL’s talents have been recognised. In 2015, he won the local, off-brand version of Got Talent, I talenti dei Castelli.

His win started to get him noticed, and in 2016 he was selected as San Marino’s points spokesperson for Stockholm. He introduced himself with the now immortal line, “This is IROL MC, your favourite rapper from San Marino.” To be fair, he is actually our favourite rapper from San Marino.

After this gig, IROL expressed his wish to one day represent San Marino at Eurovision.

IROL was also on our radar in 2015, when we selected him as a potential candidate for San Marino on our Wednesday Wishlist. At the time, we wrote, “While San Marino’s talent pool is smaller, that doesn’t mean there’s a shortage of talent in the hillside microstate. Irol MC (aka Lorenzo Salvatori) is a San Marino rapper who’s been making quite a name for himself.”

We also featured IROL in a list of ten artists who could represent San Marino at Eurovision. At the time, wiwiblogger Edd wrote:

Lorenzo Salvatori – A.K.A. Irol – is the king of the San Marinese rap scene (which, adimittedly, is probably not that difficult). Many a eurofan will turn their nose up at rap, arguing “it just doesn’t work at Eurovision.” Well, we’ve seen Greek ethno-rap, Montenegrin dubstep-rap and Polish paedophile-rap (I’ve never been the same since 2006) – but the question is, has anyone ever tried a genuine hip-hop song? Irol’s music is pure, genuine hip-hop: something that will surely stand out on the night, and could reward San Marino with a Common Linnets style success.

IROL was selected over seven other local acts vying for the San Marino wildcard. In a recent Wiwi Poll, IROL was your second favourite act to win the wildcard, after 2015 Eurovision star Anita Simoncini.

The San Marino rapper will join the two previously announced wildcards — fan vote winner Emma Sandström from Finland and controversial video-popularity winner Giovanni Montalbano from Italy.

IROL, Emma and Giovanni will compete alongside seven other acts, who will be confirmed sometime in the next week.

What do you think? Should IROL go to Eurovision? Can he lead San Marino to victory? Share your thoughts below!