Poll: Who should become the last Operación Triunfo finalist?


Ay mamá! Spain’s OT is entering its most crucial week and tomorrow night we’ll know who the last finalist is. Ana War or Agoney, one of the Canarians will be the last candidates to Eurovision and we’re DYING to know.

21-year-old Agoney has a smooth and soft voice, which at times reaches the highest heights. He does the falsetto, he can sing and dance at the same time and he’s got class. Give him anything, from a pop banger to a power ballad, he’ll slay it. Look at him last week, rocking the stage à la Sertab Erener!

Agoney – “Eloise” at Gala 11

Ana War brings the Latin flavour to this year’s field. She’s given the most energetic performances of the year and even managed to survive Fleur East’s “Sax” and Celia Cruz’s “La negra tiene tumbao”

Ana Guerra – “La negra tiene tumbao” at Gala 10

Who should become the last Operación Triunfo finalist?

We also want to know your opinion. Who deserves the spot? Have Agoney’s vocal flourishes conquered you? Or are you convinced by Ana’s Latin flavour?

Are you ready for the songs?

Once Gala 12 is finished and the top five acts are confirmed, on Tuesday RTVE will reveal the songs the top five will be performing as potential Eurovision entries.

At this point, it’s unclear whether we’ll get one song for each contestant or more, as both RTVE and fan favourite couple Alfred and Amaia have been teasing us with a possible duo.

The songs will be revealed on a special Eurovision show that will be streamed on RTVE.es on Tuesday from 14.30 CET. There, Raoul, Cepeda, Nerea, Roi and either Ana or Agoney will listen to the songs together with Zahara, a well-known singer in Spain.

Amaia & Aitana – “Con las ganas” at Gala 4

Zahara had expressed previously her desire to write a song for Amaia after she sang her song “Con las ganas” with Aitana in Gala 4. However, the singer explained that she sent one song and it wasn’t selected. She recently had her first child and that left her almost no time for songwriting.

Another artist whose songs haven’t been chosen is Eurovision 2016 alum Barei, who wrote a total of 10 songs for OT. She told fans in a live Instagram stream that her songs were rejected, but she’s not mad about it: “there has to be room for other songwriters”.

She also revealed that Aitana was her favourite, although she didn’t write for her as RTVE required Spanish lyrics and Barei believes that Aitana should sing in English.

Who is your favourite? Who should make the final? Ana or Agoney? Tell us in the comment section below!