Germany: International jury revealed for Unser Lied für Lissabon


Hop on the bandwagon! With more countries using an international jury to help in picking their entry for Eurovision, Germany has decided to go down that road too. The names of who will be in this year´s Unser Lied für Lissabon jury have now been revealed, with some familiar names in the group.

The international jury in Germany has 19 jurors from all over Europe. It’s a fine selection of artists, songwriters, musicians and choreographers, with jurors hailing from Iceland all the way to Armenia. There’s also some carefully selected people from the music and theatre industry in Germany.

What’s more, there is no shortage of previous Eurovision contestants and composers in the mix.

Unser Lied für Lissabon: International Jury

An immediate standout name is Norway´s Margaret Berger. She, of course, came fourth in Malmö with “I Feed You My Love”, Norway’s last top 5 placing. Can she help steer Germany in that direction too?

Also jumping out are two Eurovision acts from 2014. Spain´s Ruth Lorenzo and Slovenia’s flute playing Tinkara Kovac will both be on hand to help Germany make their decision.

Iceland brings two Eurovision related jurors. Einar Bárðarson was the man behind the country’s 2001 entry “Angel”. There’s also Icelandic Eurovision queen Helga Möller, a member of the country’s debut act ICY, back in 1986.

One of the Cypriot jurors is Argyro Christodoulidou. His name may not ring many bells immediately, but that’s because of his work behind the scenes. Those who followed Cyprus´s national selection in 2015 have Arygro to thank for Hovig’s “Stone in a River”.

The rest of the jury is made up by a versatile group from the media industry. Germany are clearly determined to step up their game and make sure that all aspects of the songs are considered:

  • Germany: Sascha Reimann (Rapper & actor)
  • Lithuania: Rafailas Karpis (Opera singer)
  • Cyprus: Gore Melian (Singer/Songwriter)
  • The Netherlands: Florent Luyckx (General Manager for Q-Group)
  • Romania: Anca Lupes (Media industry professional)
  • Sweden: Maria Eva Lundin (Producer & songwriter), Henrik Johnson (former content producer for Melodifestivalen), Rennie Miro (Dancer & choreographer) and Filip Adamo (Production Manager, Sony Music Entertainment in Sweden)
  • Belgium: Typh Barrow (Singer)
  • France: Bruno Berberes (Former Head of Delegation)
  • United Kingdom: Mark De Lisser (Vocal Coach)
  • Poland: Grzegorz Urban (Composer & Pianist)

The international jury helps Germany make its decision on February 22. Which one of Xavier Darcy, Ivy Quainoo, Ryk, Michael Schulte, Natia Todua and voXXclub will they support?

What are your opinions about the jury members? Is this the right step for Germany? Let us know in the comments below.

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