Poll prediction: Alfred & Amaia should win Spain’s OT Eurovision Gala with “Tu canción”


From Agoney to War, Spain’s quest to find a Eurovision song for Lisbon has been a long and often confusing journey. But it finally comes to an end tonight.

In just a few hours we will know who will represent Spain at Eurovision 2018 in Portugal. The winner will be chosen during Operación Trunfo’s Eurovision Gala, with all the action kicking off at 22.30 CET. But who are the contenders?

Since Friday, we’ve been asking y’all to vote for your favourites in our poll. After counting a massive 6,1252 votes, we can now reveal the act you want to represent España.

Topping the poll with a landslide of 2,580 votes (42.12% of all votes cast), Alfred & Amaia with “Tu canción” is clearly the readers’ choice. Drawing inspiration from the pair’s La La Land performance earlier on in OT’s run, the dreamy love song has almost everyone under its spell.

Coming a distant second is another duet. Aitana & Ana Guerra’s on-trend Latin flavoured bop “Lo malo” garnered 1,087 votes (17.75% of all votes cast).

Only one other song managed to enter four digits in the voting. Finishing just over 40 votes behind the runner-up spot is Aitana again, this time with “Arde”. She’s the highest ranked solo effort, picking up 1,043 votes or 17.03% of all votes cast.

Of the remaining pack, Amaia’s “Al cantar” is next with just 341 votes.

The group number “Camina” finishes a distant ninth with just 122 votes, less than 2% of all votes cast.


  1. Alfred & Amaia “Tu canción” 42.12% (2,580 votes)
  2. Aitana & Ana Guerra “Lo malo” 17.75% (1,087 votes)
  3. Aitana “Arde” 17.03% (1,043 votes)
  4. Amaia “Al cantar” 5.57% (341 votes)
  5. Miriam “Lejos de tu piel” 4.98% (305 votes)
  6. Alfred “Que nos sigan las luces” 4.03% (247 votes)
  7. Ana Guerra “El remedio” 3.77% (231 votes)
  8. Agoney & Miriam “Magia” 2.76% (169 votes)
  9. Aitana, Alfred, Amaia, Ana Guerra & Miriam “Camina” 1.99% (122 votes)

Total Votes: 6,125

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Can Alfred & Amaia win the whole thing? Will Aitana and Ana Guerra slay the competition? Or could the others prove to be dark horses and surprise us all? Let us know below.

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