Spain: The Wiwi Jury reveals our favourites for tonight’s OT Eurovision gala


Hola! Spain is hosting the Operación Triunfo Eurovision show tonight and the Wiwi Jury wouldn’t want to miss it. However, because of the little time we’ve had since the songs were revealed, we’ve switched things up a bit.

All up, nine performances will face the public vote tonight. Each of the top five contestants — Alfred, Amaia, Aitana, Ana Guerra and Miriam — will perform a solo song. They’ll also team up in pairs to perform a duet: Alfred and Amaai, Aitana and a Ana Guerra, while Miriam will be joined by last week’s eliminated act, Agoney. The top five will also perform a group song.

For this Wiwi Jury, just like we did with Festivali i Këngës back in December, we’re revealing our top five options for Eurovision, and giving a little review of our favourites.

Our 15 jurors include people from Spain, but also from Australia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Lithuania, New Zealand, Portugal, Serbia and the UK.


1. Aitana & Ana Guerra – “Lo malo”

Spain has some great performers this year but not a lot of good songs. Amongst those great performers, Ana Guerra stands out as my clear favourite. She has so much sass and energy in her performances and she’d surely have Eurovision’s Next Top Model locked up. Her duet with Aitana edges out her solo performance as my choice for Spain because Aitana compensates for what Ana may lack in the live vocals department, which frees Ana to do what she does best and dazzle us with her moves. The song requires some work but this has a lot of performance for a great stage show — I need to see Ana whipping her hair in Lisbon.

2. Ana Guerra – “El remedio”
3. Aitana, Alfred, Amaia, Ana Guerra & Miriam – “Camina”
4. Agoney & Miriam – “Magia”
5. Amaia – “Al cantar”


1. Amaia & Alfred – “Tu canción”

Few Eurovision acts can claim they have everything working for them. And yes, I’m already calling this a Eurovision act. “Tu canción” has the best melody I’ve heard in this year’s national final season. Amaia is magic. Amaia and Alfred together are magnetic. The song creates a mood for itself and the staging is even going to elevate it further. The power of love in its essence is unbeatable. We shouldn’t give scores, but I’m putting it out there. It’s a 10 out of 10.

2. Miriam – “Lejos de tu piel”
3. Aitana – “Arde”
4. Aitana & Ana Guerra – “Lo malo”
5. Ana Guerra – El remedio


1. Aitana – “Arde”

“Arde” at least brings something different to the table. Too many of these entries feel like they’re trying to place themselves somewhere else: either Sobral-esque clones, or dated pop/musical references. Not only that, but a lot seems to ride on the trope that a “story” can help you at Eurovision. But usually that story has to be much deeper than a romance. “Arde” rises above all that as its own creation: it doesn’t need anything fancy or flashy. Aitana shines with a classy, professional entry that will resonate with juries.

2. Alfred – “Que nos sigan las luces”
3. Amaia & Alfred – “Tu canción”
4. Miriam – “Lejos de tu piel”
5. Amaia – “Al cantar”


1. Aitana & Ana Guerra – “Lo malo”

YAAAAS QUEENS! This is the song of Spain! I love the reggaetón sound. These two girls will set the scene in Lisbon! I very much hope to choose this song because, in my opinion, Eurovision needs more fast paced and sexy songs that make you dance all night! Less ballads, please. I wish them success at the Gala evening!

2. Amaia & Alfred – “Tu canción”
3. Amaia – “Al cantar”
4. Miriam & Agoney – “Magia”
5. Ana Guerra – “El Remedio”


1. Amaia & Alfred – “Tu canción”

Whilst trying to work out what’s so good about “Tu canción”, I’ve realised that it’s flawless. The understated, emotional production, the timeless melody, the combination of Alfred and Amaia’s beautiful but hipster vocals, and most of all, their heartmelting raw chemistry. They make me feel like I’m in love for the first time — and what a lovely feeling that is. Top five at Eurovision EASY.

2. Amaia – “Al cantar”
3. Aitana & Ana Guerra – “Lo malo”
4. Aitana, Alfred, Amaia, Ana Guerra & Miriam – “Camina”
5. Miriam – “Lejos de tu piel”


1. Aitana – “Arde”

Simple yet sophisticated, Aitana owns this song as if it was one she’d written herself. Out of all six performers, she’s the one I feel the most emotionally connected to and I’m captivated by her presence and her voice. During Saturday’s second rehearsal even Ana and Miriam were singing along, showing just how powerful Aitana is as a performer. This may not go into Eurovision as a firm favourite to win, but pair “Arde” with some magical staging and this could be a really beautiful moment in the midst of the other high energy songs of the grand-final.

2. Amaia & Alfred – “Tu canción”
3. Aitana & Ana Guerra – “Lo malo”
4. Ana Guerra – “El remedio”
5. Miriam – “Lejos de tu piel”


1. Amaia & Alfred – “Tu canción”

This is magical, or M-A-G-I-C-A-L in capitals. This duet is serving pure real love and when they both sing, they manage to fill my veins with proper tenderness. I’m breathing sweet foolish love in a very intimate performance. And many people would expect Latin vibes from the southern country, but this song is a complete plot-twist to most expectations. It’s been ages since last Spain’s duet, and “Tu Canción” sounds pure Romeo and Juliet with no drama, just love. I still would like supernovas in the end, a big explosion of desire. But the song itself, it’s just beautiful.

2. Aitana – “Arde”
3. Aitana & Ana Guerra – “Lo malo”
4. Amaia – “Al cantar”
5. Miriam – “Lejos de tu piel”



1. Amaia – “Al cantar”

This is my clear number one in OT. The retro sound and Amaia’s voice go together like strawberries and chocolate. We’re not seeing any fireworks here, just a beautifully written song and a performance free of all pretentiousness. This song is an ode to the Golden Years of Eurovision back in the ’60s and perhaps also a little wink to Salvador’s performance last year. I like a lot.

2. Amaia & Alfred – “Tu canción”
3. Miriam – “Lejos de tu piel”
4. Agoney & Miriam – “Magia”
5. Ana Guerra – “El remedio”


1.  Amaia & Alfred – “Tu canción”

Amaia and Alfred define “chemistry” in every performance. The way the look into each other, the way their voices sound together… everything. It’s just pure magic. They can absolutely break the language barriers and transmit their emotions to Europe. Spain hasn’t had a chance to do well at Eurovision like this for ages.

2. Aitana – “Arde”
3. Alfred – “Que nos sigan las luces”
4. Aitana & Ana Guerra – “Lo malo”
5. Amaia – “Al cantar”


1. – Miriam – “Lejos de tu piel”

This brings me to the good old times when Spain used to send big and strong ballads to Eurovision. Pastora Soler and Ruth Lorenzo would be proud of this song. Miriam is a great singer and she really delivers this song with a lot of emotions and makes me feel them. If Spain wants to do well once again at Eurovision, “Lejos de tu piel” is what they should pick this year.

2. Aitana & Ana Guerra – “Lo malo”
3. Ana Guerra – “El remedio”
4. Aitana – “Arde”
5. Amaia & Alfred – “Tu canción”


1. Amaia & Alfred – “Tu canción”

Even from the first rough rehearsals of “Tu canción”, it was clear there was something magical happening. The simple but strong melody is one thing, but #Almaia’s chemistry and vocal talents take it and elevate it to a whole nother level. The lyrics might be in Spanish, but the emotion and meaning of the song is clear. This needs to go to Lisbon!

2. Aitana & Ana Guerra – “Lo malo”
3. Agoney & Miriam – “Magia”
4. Aitana – “Arde”
5. Ana Guerra – “El remedio”


1. Amaia & Alfred – “Tu canción”

There’s something comfortably adorable about the chemistry between Alfred and Amaia. Individually, they might lack the power to hold your attention for three minutes. But together, they create a magical atmosphere that is not dated, but timeless. Almost reminiscent of Salvador Sobral’s final performance with Luisa last year, it’s a little tearjerking in a good way.

2. Ana Guerra – “El remedio”
3. Aitana & Ana Guerra – “Lo malo”
4. Miriam – “Lejos de tu piel”
5. Amaia – “Al cantar”

What’s your favourite song in Spain? Who do you think should get the ticket to Lisbon? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!