Alekseev: “‘Forever’ is about love, the most powerful feeling in the world”


He’s the Ukrainian superstar who’s just one step away from representing Belarus at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon.

Now, as Alekseev gears up for the Eurofest 2018 final in two weeks time, he’s spoken to wiwibloggs about his entry “Forever” and addressed the various controversies that have coloured the past few weeks.

From the September 1 rule to his competitors’ spicy open letter, he tackles it all — and with the charm and kindness that speaks of a seasoned star.

NOTE: This interview took place a few days before it was announced that he had been given the all-clear from Belarusian officials to participate in the show. They made their decision after Alekseev tweaked his melody.

He first addressed the September 1 rule regarding his entry, which we reported on last month.

“I don’t think that it came out in May because it came out in September. On my birthday performance in May, I tried to sing a part of the song ‘Navsegda’, but it was innovation and so I think it’s a different song.”

“When I first heard ‘Navsegda’ I thought, ‘It must be a Eurovision song!'”

On the meaning behind “Forever”:

“I had a message from a girl and she said she had big problems, and this song helped her very much. I think that we must release it…it’s a song about the most powerful and greatest feeling in the world, it’s about love.”

“It’s a strange feeling for me, but I like it.”

Alekseev pulled out of Ukraine’s national selection show Vidbir before deciding to compete in Belarus. But he says that switch stemmed more from a love of Belarus than any behind-the-scenes drama at home. 

“I’m a Belarusian singer too, I think, and I know that Belarusians know my songs, they love my songs and I have many concerts here in Minsk and Baranavichy. I had a good performance at Slavianski Bazaar — the big Belarusian festival — and I think that Belarusians are very good and cordial people. So I want to do my best to sing at Eurovision in Belarus.”

Alekseev also had his say on the recent controversy which saw six finalists write an open letter to BTRC threatening to withdraw from the final if he participates.

“I didn’t know it, actually, as I had many concerts and when someone say that I have a problem with it, I read about it and see that all of them will sing in the final and I think it’s great. I wish they had a good show.”

And what about Sofi Lapina, one of the six finalists who signed the letter before saying goodbye to the competition?

“I think it’s very sad and you always have to touch the dream. She has a good song. Why not? I don’t understand.”

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