Jaz Ellington on You Decide — “I’m going to bring honesty and soul”


Eurovision: You Decide, the UK selection for Eurovision 2018, unfolds on Wednesday evening. So we recently threw ourselves into the fold at the BBC press day, mingling with the stars and learning more about them and their entries. Now we turn to The Voice alum Jaz Ellington.

“Sugar and spice, and everything nice” definitely describes this lovely southwest Londoner. He first burst onto the scene in 2012, when will.i.am turned his red chair. So who are you, Jaz? “I’m everything music,” he says.

True words indeed. A singer, songwriter, producer and everything in between, Jaz draws his inspiration from the heroes of soul, such as Aretha Franklin and Luther Vandross.

Jaz is also a stand out when it comes to his unique and colourful style, which includes hats, massive beads and scarfs. He turns heads wherever he goes and draws ideas for his sartorial styling from around the world.

“I get my inspiration from various cultures and I like to blend it together. Some might call my style ‘Nomadic’,” he says, recognising that his tastes are off-kilter and just a tad wacky. But if it works, then werk it, right?

Jaz will perform his beautiful soul number “You” on Eurovision You Decide on Wednesday evening. Is he your choice for the UK this year? Sound off in the comment section below.

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