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In just a few hours time, we will know the seventh act for Eurovision 2018. The UK makes its decision in Eurovision: You Decide 2018, live from 20:30 CET on BBC Two. Ahead of tonight’s result, we reveal the results of our readers poll.

We asked y’all back on January 24 who your favourite was to be the UK’s act in Lisbon. With over 4,304 votes cast in total, you have selected Asanda as your winner, with “Legends”.

Asanda — “Legends”

Asanda was your overwhelming favourite, with 47% of the vote. That comes out at a huge 2,035 votes.

At just 16, Asanda is by far the youngest artist in the field. But she already has plenty of experience, appearing both on TV and on stage before.

In our interview with her, she shows the confidence of a much more experienced act too. When talking about when she first heard “Legends”, Asanda says: “I heard the instrumental and I just said ‘I need this song…I definitely gotta have this one!'”

Asanda — “Legends” (Interview)

Further back in second place is RAYA. She receives 759 votes from y’all, around 18% of the vote, with her entry “Crazy”.

RAYA – or Raya Clark – has worked in and around the music industry for years. She’s a seasoned backing vocalist, dancer and DJ amongst many other things.

Eurovision fans have also been excited by one of the names behind her song. Icelandic star Greta Salóme is one of the co-writers of “Crazy”. Greta’s won two national selections before — can she win a third with RAYA?

Third place in our poll goes to SuRie, and her entry “Storm”. SuRie is the only artist in the selection with Eurovision experience. She’s performed backing vocals for both Loic Nottet and Blanche, Belgium’s 2015 and 2017 acts respectively.

She recently shared a video of her performing a mash-up of “Rhythm Inside” and “City Lights” on her Twitter profile. We’re feeling that, y’all!

SuRie receives 486 votes, or 11% of the total result.

You can see the full results of our poll below:

Poll Results: Who should win the UK’s Eurovision: You Decide 2018?

  1. Asanda, “Legends” — 2035 votes (47%)
  2. RAYA, “Crazy” — 759 votes (18%)
  3. SuRie, “Storm” — 486 votes (11%)
  4. Jaz Ellington, “You” — 390 votes (9%)
  5. Liam Tamne, “Astronaut” — 384 votes (9)%
  6. Goldstone, “I Feel the Love” — 250 votes (6%)

Who do you want to see win Eurovision: You Decide 2018? Do you think Asanda’s victory is sealed, or could there be a shock? Let us know all your thoughts in the comments section below!

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kevin micallef

Malta got a nice song this year .. I love it .


So… in what sense do YOU decide??


SuRie for the win!


Asanda FTW! We have enough over 18’s. We need at least one 16-17 this time. 🙂


What is it with you and 16-17 year olds? It’s a little odd.

I still think that “You” is the only of those 6 songs that has lyrics that sound like they were written by a human being and not by a machine. I’m not saying I looooove it, but i would be my choice based on that. Jaz seems to be a great performer also. From the follow-a-formula-and-pretend-it’s-fresh group, I must agree that “Legends” it’s the one that would bring more fun to the stage. But I can see “Crazy” being the dark horse here, especially if many people feel that “Legends” is trying to do too many things at the same… Read more »
Myles Henehan

I have a horrible feeling knowing the British public that Jaz is going to win. Crazy is my favourite but I’d also be happy with Legends

Lady Gaga

I love Legends, as well as Astronaut. If Legends win, I hope they revamp the the production a bit, as it still sounds like a demo version. I like the cadence & the beat of this, hopefully she can deliver fierce live vocals & performance. She may even be like Laura Tesoro, overlooked but suddenly slayed on the main stage. Astronauts won both my ears & my hormones lol. It too needs a revamp, not only production wise, but lyrically

MR Brian May

whats with all the love fest for the snoozefest that is jaz, 20-26 place guaranteed with him, ONLY LEGENDSSS

Purple Mask

I’m on a train to Brighton right now. 🙂
I would be happy with “You”, “Legends” or “Crazy” winning. Best of luck to all the artists and crew tonight. 🙂


I hope NOT


Who will be the panel? Will it be someone who knows about the contest, like us? If not, yawn.

Bogdan Honciuc

“You” is very good, but “Legends” would be perfect for Eurovision 2018. Hopefully Asanda can pull it off tonight.


1. You – 9/10
2. Legends – 7/10
3. Astronaut – 6.5/10
4. Crazy – 6.5/10
5. Storm – 5/10
6. Feel the Love – 5/10


Only Jaz!!!!!!
But obv they’ll chose that Asanda gal

Over the last 3 years The BBC have produced 18 songs and only this year there are 2 songs that really appeal to me and think have a good chance of doing something in May, “You” and “Legends. Both are pretty special. If Jaz and Asanda slip up Raya will probably mop up I think. I would rank this year’s 6 songs as follows :- 1) “You” – 8.5/10 2) “Legends” – 8/10 3) “Crazy” – 7/10 4) “I feel the love” – 6/10 5) “Storm” – 5/10 6) “Astronaut” – 4/10 The BBC has not been predictable in the… Read more »

Where did you hear that?

Mattias Sollerman

Jaz Ellington? More like YAAAS Ellington.




Jaz Jaz Jaz Jaz Jaz Jaz Jaz Jaz Jaz Jaz
But of course UK will choose something that only they like, and complain after the final in Lisbon.