RAYA UK Eurovision You Decide 2018

The countdown for Eurovision: You Decide 2018 continues. And with just hours to go we’re getting to know RAYA — a diva from Doncaster.

RAYA will be performing the song “Crazy”, which explores that everlasting dilemma of having such a serious crush that you feel like you’re going mad. We’ve all been there — but few of us are able to set those feelings to a dance-y beat!

What drives Raya crazy in real life? “Injustice,” she tells wiwiblogger Chris. “People taking advantage. Men! Men drive me crazy!” Girl, we totally get you!

The song is written by Samir Salah Elshafie, Emil Rosendal Lei and Eurovision alumni Greta Salóme. It turns out that Raya and Samir are actually old friends from college and when the song was written, Raya was Samir’s go-to-girl. She snapped it up recognising a quality song.

“I thought it was an absolute banger,” she said. She also admits that having a legend such as Greta Salóme on her side is quite the asset, for that girl has seen it all and knows exactly what to expect and what to do. Did the “Hear Them Calling” hitmaker have any advice? “Just have fun,” she said. Simple but so true.

But it hasn’t all been fun and games. Raya received some really negative feedback from British tabloid The Sun, which said rather vulgar things about her as a singer and performer. What does Raya think about that?

“Well, what do you think?” she asks with a smile. “Of course it lights a fire in your belly when someone tries to tell you that you’re no good or not experienced enough and there is no point in trying. And I’m like ‘you’ll see!'”

Bam! She’s not playing around, people.

So there we have it. Raya is here, she’s ready and she isn’t going anywhere. Will “Crazy” be the tune that Britain goes for? Is Raya the girl to follow in Lucie Jones’ footsteps? Let us know down below!

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