Sweden: Margaret’s “In My Cabana” leads Melodifestivalen entries on Spotify and iTunes


Half of the Melodifestivalen 2018 entries have already performed at one of the first two semi-finals. And with four male acts heading direkt til final, the ladies have been left to battle it out at Andra Chansen.

Given their success, John Lunvik, Benjamin Ingrosso, Samir & Viktor, and Liamoo will have to wait almost three more weeks before their songs hit the radio and charts. This delay is standard SVT policy, done in the hope that keeping the songs off the air will make for a more level playing field at the final.

But nothing is stopping any of the eliminated acts — or of course Sigrid Bernson, Renaida, Margaret, or Mimi Werner — from staking their territory on the airwaves early. Quite a few of these entries have already made bold appearances on Sweden’s Spotify Top 50 and iTunes charts.

Melodifestivalen acts in the top 50

As of Monday’s chart, the highest-ranking Melodifestivalen track on Spotify isn’t even entirely from Sweden. Yes, it’s Poland’s Margaret, who brought the Caribbean heat in Deltävling 2 with “In My Cabana”.

The track immediately surged to number 19 on the Spotify charts on Sunday. It fell to 30 the next day.

Next in the queue, but quite a way behind, is Sigrid Bernson. Her energetic “Patrick Swayze” lies at 41. Ida Redig and Renaida round out the top 50 at 49 and 50 respectively.

Mimi Werner has yet to break into the Top 50 with “Songburning”.

An updated chart for Tuesday has yet to be published at the time of writing.

Comparing to iTunes

There’s no question that the Spotify Top 50 is a more accurate metric when it comes to measuring song popularity in Sweden, but the iTunes charts are still relevant, and they’re telling a different story.

Once again, it’s Margaret leading the pack, but on iTunes she’s sitting atop the throne at number one.

For a while, Ida Redig was right behind her with “Allting som vi sa”. She has since fallen to seven. The other Melfest entries in the chart, as of Wednesday morning, are Edward Blom (20), Mimi Wener (48), Stiko Per Larsson (49), Sigrid Bernson (84), and Jonas Gardell (106). Renaida is not in the top 200.

Cracking open the Swedish pop scene

In a recent interview with wiwibloggs, Margaret made clear her intent to forge a stronger connection to Sweden. She claimed to be “here for Melodifestivalen… just to be known by the Swedish audience.”

And even though she reminded us that she does her laundry in Warsaw, she made sure to express that she has always felt supported in Sweden, from her first contact with a Swedish record label until “In My Cabana”.

“In My Cabana”, not “Havana”

It’s hard not to immediately notice the similarities between “In My Cabana” and Camilo Cabello’s most recent number one single “Havana”, but it turns out that the simultaneous Latin-themed pop hits are nothing but a coincidence.

Linnea Deb, a famed member of “The Family” and the author of “In My Cabana”‘s lyrics, noted that both the lyrics and a demo of Margaret’s track were created during a song-writing camp over the summer. When “Havana” was released on September 8, there was no looking back. Just goes to show that world-class songwriters know what listeners want to hear!

Deltävling 3

This weekend’s show will air live from Malmö, where another seven acts will do what they can to win a coveted spot in the final in Stockholm. Rehearsals will start this Thursday, and wiwibloggs will be covering all the action.

Are you excited to see Margaret topping the charts with “In My Cabana”? Let us know in the comments section below.

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