Poll results: yesyes is your favourite to win Hungary’s A Dal 2018


Six intense weeks of live shows, three heats and two semi-finals come down to one grand final of A Dal 2018. Tomorrow night eight acts will compete for the golden ticket to represent Hungary in at Eurovision 2018. 

Earlier this week, we asked wiwibloggs readers to vote in our poll. After counting 1314 votes, we can reveal that yesyes is your favourite to win Saturday’s grand final of A Dal 2018.

Yesyes, the electro duo fronted by returning vocalist Ádám Szabó, won the poll. They earned a convincing 32.57% of the total vote for their song “I Let You Run Away”.

There was a small difference between your second and third place as Tamás Horváth scored 23.52% of your votes, while post-hardcore band AWS gained 20.32% of your votes, being separated by just 42 votes with their songs “Meggyfa” and “Viszlát nyár”.

The remaining five acts received much less support from our readers than the top three did. Your fourth spot went to Gergely Dánielfy and his ballad “Azt Mondtad” with 7.99% of your votes,  followed by metal band Leander Kills with their heavy anthem “Nem Szól Harang” gaining 5.78% of your votes.

The bottom three consists of Viktor Király and his “Budapest Girl”, gaining with only 5 votes less than Leander Kills, scoring 5.4% of your votes, followed by Gábor Heincz Biga with his “Good Vibez” on 2.66%, and Zsolt Süle and his soft ballad “Zöld A Május” on just 1.75%.

However, popularity with the public won’t count in the first stage of the A Dal final. The expert jury alone will select the four acts who will go on to compete in the super final. But then it will be up to televoters to select their favourite from the lucky four.

Full results: Who should win Hungary’s A Dal 2018?

  1. yesyes – “I Let You Run Away” 32.57% (428 votes)
  2. Tamás Horváth – “Meggyfa” 23.52% (309 votes)
  3. AWS – “Viszlát nyár” 20.32% (267 votes)
  4. Gergely Dánielfy – “Azt mondtad” 7.99% (105 votes)
  5. Leander Kills – “Nem szól harang” 5.78% (76 votes)
  6. Viktor Király – “Budapest Girl” 5.4% (71 votes)
  7. Gábor Heincz Biga – “Good Vibez” 2.66% (35 votes)
  8. Zsolt Süle – “Zöld a május” 1.75% (23 votes)

Who would you like to see in Lisbon from these eight acts? Who should represent Hungary in Lisbon? Tell us what you think below!