Melodifestivalen 2018: Mariette should win Semi-Final 4 in Örnsköldsvik


Tonight Melodifestivalen moves on to Örnsköldsvik, where the final seven acts of the competition will take to the stage and fight it out at the Fjällräven Center. Two of the Semi-Final 4 acts will go direkt til final, two to the duels of Andra Chansen in one week’s time and three unlucky acts will end their Melodifestivalen 2018 experience in Örnsköldsvik tonight. 

On Thursday we asked who you think should win the semi-final and you gave a resounding result. Almost 60% of our readers think Mariette should win the semi-final – “For You” won 502 votes, or 57% of all cast. Mariette was also the act you were most excited for before hearing the songs.

Felix Sandman came in second. He’s improved on his position in the excited poll, capturing 197 votes, or 23% of the total cast, with his ballad “Every Single Day”.

The field thereafter widens, with only musical theatre star Emmi Christensson breaking into double figures, winning 10% of votes cast.

The other act are readers think should make Andra Chansen is Olivia Eliasson. She made it into fourth with 5% of all votes cast.

That would make the three eliminated acts Elias Abbas (3%), Rolandz (2%) and Felicia Olsson (1%).


  1. Mariette – “For You” 502 (57%)
  2. Felix Sandman – “Every Single Day” 197 (23%)
  3. Emmi Christensson – “Icarus” 84 (10%)
  4. Olivia Eliasson – “Never Learn” 43 (5%)
  5. Elias Abbas – “Mitt paradis” 26 (3%)
  6. Rolandz – “Fuldans” 14 (2%)
  7. Felicia Olsson- “Break That Chain” 9 (1%)

You’ll be able to watch MelodifestivalenSemi-Final 4 live on SVT1 2018 from 20:00CET.

The next stop for the competition is Andra Chansen where Sigrid BernsonRenaidaMimi WernerMargaretMonchoMendéz and two of tonight’s acts will duel it out to make the final. The duels pair one song that finished third in it’s heat, against a song that finished fourth in another heat, so the duel pairings should give some preliminary insight into which acts are more popular than others.


Photo: Fredrik Sandberg/TT