Poll results: BQL should win Slovenia’s EMA 2018 with “Ptica” (“Promise”)


Zdravo Slovenija! Slovenia’s national selection EMA is coming to an end, and tonight the country will pick its entry for Lisbon. Sixteen acts competed in the semi-final last Saturday, but only eight made it to the final.

Earlier this week, we asked for you opinion. Who should win EMA 2018? You’ve cast a total of 2,001 votes and BQL has come on top with their entry “Ptica“. They have amassed a total of 661 votes, which represents a 33.03% of the overall vote.

1. BQL – “Ptica”

The brothers, who came second last year to Omar Naber, are back this year with “Ptica”. Maaraya is once again behind their song. For the EMA final, BQL will perform the English-language version of the song, “Promise”.

Surprisingly, none of our Wiwi jurors named BQL as their favourites. Antony and Luis placed them second, while Anthony, Antranig and Natalie put them in third place.

However, three of our jurors placed first the song that finished second in the poll: “Zdaj sem tu”, by Lara Kadis.

2. Lara Kadis – “Zdaj sem tu”

Lara and her pop ballad received 425 votes, 21.24% of the total vote.

The Wiwi Jury was also enthusiastic about the song. “Contemporary but with a great sprinkling of traditional instruments, the song builds nicely and takes the listener on a journey. Admittedly we’re already getting a number of traditional songs this year, but Lara’s vocals shine and with some more suitable staging this could be a good choice for Slovenia”, Jonathan wrote.

3. Lea Sirk – “Hvala, ne!”

Rounding the top three, there’s Lea Sirk, with her bop “Hvala, ne!”, whom 369 of you voted for. She’s got an 18.44% of the overall vote.

Wiwi juror Robyn said:  “Lea Sirk is a talented vocalist and she gives the right amount of popstar attitude that the song requires. More importantly, it would be great to see this song translated to the epic Altice Arena stage. Go on, Slovenia — have some fun!”.

Full poll results

 Total Votes: 2,001
Do you agree with the poll results? Should BQL win EMA and fly to Lisbon with “Ptica”? Who will you be rooting for on Saturday? Tell us in the comment section below!